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13 August, 2016

聚一聚小菜馆 Gather Gather Kitchen @ Kota Kemuning

More often than not, home-cooked meal is the most sought-after food when we dine out. If you stay / work in the vicinity of Kota Kemuning, then you are lucky because you can enjoy the familiar taste closest to home at Gather Gather Kitchen (聚一聚小菜館).

Pork Ball Mi Xian (酱爆肉丸米线) @ RM10.50

Our lunch treat begins with a warm, comforting bowl of Rice Vermicelli served with the bouncy pork meatballs. Unlike the usual chewy meatballs, here they serve “stuffed” meatballs in which the skin is crunchy while the filling inside is soft and pasty.

The meatballs are bursting with juice as soon as I sink my teeth into them. Be careful when it is served hot, as the porky essence may pop into the mouth! Best dipped into the homemade spicy sauce for a strong fiery kick.

If pork balls are not your thing, you can also try other variations such as Pork Belly Mi Xian (RM10.50) or Fish Fillet Mi Xian (RM9.50). Add-ons such as Pork Balls Soup (RM7.50) and Deep Fried Crispy Fu Chuk (RM2.50) are available too.

Supreme Soup with Lala and Fish Fillet Meehoon (上汤啦啦鱼片米) @ RM28.00 (Small)

Seafood dishes are aplenty here, but the highly recommended ones would be the Clam and Fish Fillet Meehoon in Chinese Herbal Broth. The soup is mind-blowing, so rich in herbal flavours and natural sweetness from the seafood.

Chef’s Signature Sting Ray Curry (招牌咖喱浦鱼) @ RM30.00 (Small)

Signature Nyonya Seafood (娘惹海鲜) @ RM23.00 (Small)

If you prefer something spicy and sour, both the seafood in curry and homemade nyonya sauce are equally good due to its thick and rich gravy that goes well with white rice, although some may find them too spicy.

Deep Fried Senangin Fish with Thai Sauce (招牌油浸马友) @ RM36.00 (600g)

 Signature Deep Fried Chicken with Thousand Island Sauce (招牌千鸟鸡) @ RM18.00 (Small)

If it is meat that you fancy, try the special homemade recipes for the tangy sauce-coated chicken that has almost crunchy pork-like texture, or the fried pork slices in creamy potato gravy that features more tenderized meats than usual.

Signature Potato Fried Pork (招牌马铃薯猪肉) @ RM15.00 (Small)

Chef’s Signature Yam Stew with Pork Ribs (招牌玉香焖排骨) @ RM18.00 (Small)

But my personal favourite goes to the aromatic yam stew with pork ribs. The meat is so soft that it falls off the bones easily, while the yam remains chunky and not overly mushy for my liking. Delicious!


Pumpkin Tofu (金瓜豆腐) @ RM15.00 (Small)

I notice that the deep-fried items taste excellent here, best paired with chilled beers! For instance, the crisp pumpkin beancurd infused with curry powder here satisfies our palate with delicious spiced aroma and sweet spicy flavour on the palate. Pretty addictive, and I just can’t stop once munching on it!

Deep Fried Lotus Roots with Salted Egg Yolk (咸蛋炸莲藕) @ RM15.00 (Small)

Similarly, the crunchy lotus roots pair so perfectly well with savoury salted egg yolk coating. Unlike the creamy type of salted egg yolk sauce, the dry version is more palatable and richer in taste!

Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork (芥兰炒烧肉) @ RM18.00 (Small)

Honey Aloe Vera @ RM3.80 / Ginseng Chrysanthemum @ RM3.80
Last but not least, wash down the meal with a cup of soothing tea supplied by a local homemade brand, Cahaya.

One thing to note about is the huge crowd during lunch and dinner hours on both weekdays and weekends. Come early to secure a seat if you want to avoid the queue.

But the good thing here is, there is no GST or service charge applied. Pricewise, it is very reasonable as the portion is huge for each “Small” sized dish we order.

Great varieties, delicious homey taste. I love how I get to try different types of seafood, meat and vegetables prepared in various unique homemade methods.
2. Revisit? Definitely! In fact, I love all the signature items I have tried this round, and am surely looking forward to my next visit.
3. Recommended: Yam Stew, Stingray Curry, Assam Seafood, Salted Egg Lotus Roots

Gather Gather Kitchen (聚一聚小菜馆)
7G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam,
Contact: +603-5131 5564
Business Hours: 10.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Wednesdays


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