30 December, 2016

New Year Wishlist: 10 Favourite Products From ezbuy!

Hello 2017! Not yet...but we are almost there. ❤ It feels like yesterday we just began our journey in 2016. Moving on to a brand new year, I have a couple of favourite items that I am eyeing on ezbuy online shopping portal.

Basically, ezbuy is like an English version of Taobao, the world's famous Chinese shopping site which is a life saver for me as I can't read complicated Chinese. The prices are tagged in Ringgit Malaysia, so no currency conversion is required. 

Now let's see what I want for this new year!  

1. Floral Printed Cheongsam Dress (Direct link: HERE)

I guess the picture above has said it all :P New year always mean new wardrobe to me, but Chinese New Year means it's time for a new piece of elegant cheongsam for the annual family gathering. In fact, there are hundreds of designs to choose from on ezbuy and they are super affordable!

2. Korean Lace Summer Dress (Direct link: HERE)

Like I said, new year is meant for replenishing the wardrobe with new styles and trendy items. I am totally in love with this Korean lace dress because of its intricate girly design. If you wanna shop for the hottest, trendiest fashion, I think ezbuy has everything you need.

3. European Sequin Pointy Heels (Direct link: HERE)

And being a fashionista myself, I just can't get my eyes off the elegant sequin heels in dazzling silver color. It is simply perfect for any party or special occasion, how I'd wish to have such a lovely pair of heels!
4. Korean Saddle Bag (Direct link: HERE)

My new outfit wouldn't be complete without a chic, cute bag. I love how the fashion in China is always ahead of us, and I found a lot of fashion pieces on ezbuy which make me so tempted to buy because I have not seen them anywhere in Malaysia before. Worth adding this one into my collection! 

5. Electronic Smart Fitness Watch (Direct link: HERE)

Fashion aside, health is still more important. I have always wanted to get a smart watch to monitor my daily activities, sleeping rate, heart rate, etc. Those I often see in stores can cost up to thousands of Ringgit, but the one I see on ezbuy is less than a hundred Ringgit which I feel it's a pretty good deal to remind myself about being healthy.

6. Instagram-famous Cloudy Bedsheets (Direct link: HERE)

Since it is going to be a new year, home should be the place where change should begin. I want to give my bedroom a new facelift, and the easiest way to do it is by changing a new bedsheet in designs that I have not tried before. This cloud-printed bedsheet with pink geometrical touches look so soft and sweet. It has the exact pastel hues which I love! 

7. Minimalist Blue Geometric Sofa Cushion (Direct link: HERE)

 ....then followed by the living room! I just can't say No to pastel shades because it is so eye-pleasing and exudes a sense of comfort to the living hall. Totally love this set of cushions, which I'd wish I can bring them home now.  

8. Multifunctional Electric Mini Nonstick Pot (Direct link: HERE)

This upcoming year I aim to eat healthily and shed away those fats. One of the best ways is to cook from home, but I must admit that I am a poor cook, so this cute machine is ideal to prep all my meals everyday. The multifunctional feature of being able to cook almost anything you want is impressive, as it makes cooking much more convenient now. 

9. Selfie Stick (Direct link: HERE)

Then it comes to gadgets and tools.... If you are expecting more vacations this year, then a good quality selfie stick may come in handy. This one is not only equipped with Bluetooth feature, but also with a front-facing mirror and LED light to further enhance your picture. How cool is that!

10. 2017 Creative Diary Book (Direct link: HERE)

Last but not least, I think everyone should at least own a diary planner to jot down the day-to-day important notes and always plan ahead. The stationery's section on ezbuy is equally extensive and spoils us with choices.

With millions of products on Ezbuy, I can definitely shop crazily there but one of my biggest concerns is the shipping rates. The normal shipping fee is about RM10 per 500g, and if I buy as many items as I want, the shipping alone can cost a bomb.

Thank God, now things have changed with the introduction of Prime.
You can ship millions of items at only RM8.80 nett flat rate per checkout, regardless of parcel size, weight and quantity.

 No worries about buying bulky things anymore. Just go Prime and start saving on shipping fees now!

Only items with the Prime Label are eligible for RM8.80 flat shipping rate. Prime eligible items are clearly marked on both web browser and mobile app, just look out for the icon or, to make things easier, use Prime filter. Don't forget to find out more deals on women's dresses and women's bags!

With that amazing shipping rate, I can easily shop for anything I want especially the amazing deal
below RM19.90: http://bit.ly/allrm19 from fashion pieces to automotives, home and living stuff,
as well as fashion essentials going at 50% off:  http://bit.ly/allsave50

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