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08 December, 2016

Soul Lovers, Smile Makers - Spice Up Your Life!

What makes you S-M-I-L-E makes you come alive! 

Do you have a go-to smile maker in your life? He is your friend, your lover, your family and also your soul mate. Nothing beats every moment spent together, especially those intimate nights with him.

Just like how life would be happier with more excitements, relationships would also grow stronger when things are spiced up. All thanks to Smile Makers, life between you and him wouldn't be the same anymore. 

It's going to be a little intimate here. Just wanna share with you guys on some quirky little things that make you feel good on bed. Nothing dirty, just a simple guide for couples therapy. Feel free to close the window if you don't feel comfortable with it :) 

Smile Makers, which recently landed at all Watsons store nationwide, is bringing us a full-fledge collection of high-quality intimate tools -- lubricants and massagers. When it comes to quality, I bet any brand can't beat it...

So far, it is the only lubricant that uses 2 premium French and Japanese ingredients found in luxury skincare such as Shiseido, Guerlain etc. I guess that’s what makes it suitable for all parts of body including face. Super comfortable, no itchiness / stickiness and no annoying fruity smell.

I have 3 types of female lubricants with me here, ranging from liquid to gel, from thin to thick texture.

They are beautifully packaged like a designer perfume bottle! So classy and elegant with touches of femininity. The best part is, this luxury “skin care” is tagged at only RM59! Super affordable and pretty, babes. 

So much as it makes one feels good, it also features 99.5% pure, pharma-grade ingredients to pamper the most sensitive area. Guess what, the pharma-grade ingredients are as pure as those in the hospital – hence extremely safe! To name a few, the ingredients include:

1. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG):
Anti-stinging, anti-itchy and anti-inflammatory natural plant extract imported from France
Only exists in the luxury skin care to help skin regeneration
Helps reduce irritation due to friction

2. Methyl Propanediol:
A water solubilizer to give velvety, silky feel during and after use.

If you have really sensitive skin, then you gotta be careful with the products out there. I am sure you wouldn’t want to suffer from itchiness and inflammation after the romantic moment, or to consult the gynecologist after the romantic moment.

That’s why I am extra cautious when scanning through the ingredient list. Fortunately, Smile Makers’ product is paraben-free, fragrance-free and harmful chemical-free, unlike majority of other brands in the market which may pose risks to the reproduction organs.

Taking a closer look to the products, they are easily distinguishable by color,
each indicating different level of thickness from lightweight liquid to thick gel.

The bar indicator makes things clearer right?

Smile Makers "Little Light Liquid" (30ml)   

Cosmopolitan HK Readers' No.1 Choice of Lubricant!
Water-based to avoid sticky sensation
Gentle on the most sensitive skins

Is this your Mr. Right? ❤ 
For women with a light need of extra lubrification.

Thickness level: 
Featherlight texture for a natural sensation

Smile Makers "Stay Silky Serum" (30ml)
Silky and soft, this balanced lubricant instantly soothes the skin.

Is this your Mr. Right? 
Perfect fit for women with a moderate need for lubrification.

Thickness level: 
Slightly thicker than liquid, but still smooth and velvety on the skin.

Smile Makers "Generous Gel" (30ml)  
This rich lubricating gel provides the right amount of cushioning, getting rid of all discomforts.

Is this your Mr. Right? 
Suitable for women with strong lubrification needs (e.g. vaginal dryness).

Thickness level: 
Rich and luxuriously textured, it has the thickest texture among all.

So, which do you prefer? While the lubricant can be used on its own, it works even better with Smile Makers’ friendly and cute collection of female vibrators – Fireman, Frenchman and the latest Surfer.

The Surfer, a powerful and super quiet bullet vibrator
Made with the softest, cryogenically polished silicone
Waterproof and very easy to clean
Suitable for use in the shower or the bathtub

Is this your Mr. Right? 
Suitable for women who want to discover the pleasures of a clitoral vibrator
and take it with them everywhere! Suitable for travelling.

Each SmileMaker's Lubricant is priced at RM59 per bottle of 30ml,
don’t you just want to pamper yourself or your loved ones now?

Where To Buy:
1. Website:
2. Lazada:
3. Watsons stores throughout Malaysia

Don't forget to check out the Smile Makers at:


  1. Wooo... nice product! I am sure you had a lot of fun using it! xD

    1. Hi Henry, hahahahaha I am sure you'd have fun once you try these products too! :P

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