03 March, 2017

Top 3 Must-Try Restaurants at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Hi! This post is all about my one-day food trip at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands
featuring big international restaurants which made their first presence in Malaysia! 

Sky Avenue, the latest shopping mall in Genting Highlands has been opened for a couple of months now, and it's my first time checking out this whole new place of shopping and dining at above 6,000 feet from sea level.  

We go up the hill by cable car-- the all-new Awana SkyWay which brings us up from the Awana station to Sky Avenue in just 10 minutes. Now they have added another station where visitors can alight at the Chin Swee Temple Station to enjoy the pagoda scenic views. 

Awana SkyWay
Operating hours: 7am - 12midnight daily

Standard Gondola: RM8 for individuals / 5GP for Genting Rewards Card members 
Glass Floor Gondola: RM50 for individuals / 40GP for Genting Rewards Card members
Express Boarding Pass: RM40

Among the 2 types of gondola -- Standard Gondola and Glass Floor Gondola -- we choose the latter as we can enjoy the spectacular view of mountainous terrains and rainforest as well as the soon-to-be-completed 20th Century Fox theme park right below our feet. 

It's probably the best 2.8km journey in Malaysia :P

The boarding counter looks like an airport counter now, so organized and able to handle huge crowd at one go. You can also bring in cabin-sized luggage on board the gondola, while larger luggage can be stored at the new Awana Bus Terminal for RM5 for 24 hours.

As soon as we arrive at Sky Avenue Station on the 4th floor, we are greeted by giant LED screens which show free digital content or shows, plunging us into another world. 

Sky Avenue is linked to the First World Plaza, easily accessible in just a couple of minutes walk. The special thing about this Southeast Asia’s latest premium lifestyle destination is that it brings together top brands from around the world! 

#1: Burger & Lobster -- the house of fresh lobster!

The first thing you gotta try here is the first-in-Asia Burger & Lobster Restaurant from London. No doubt it is so popular that people are willing to queue for long hours for a taste of lobster.

The "less-is-more" concept here can be seen in the menu and design of the restaurant. They specialise in a limited menu on burgers and lobsters by offering only three items on its menu: a 10oz burger, a whole lobster, or a lobster roll -- with the Chilli Lobster being the Malaysian-special favourite. But each dish is done extraordinarily well.

The low-light interior here is sure to set the mood, exuding an interesting atmosphere of 
a club and fun dining. And you can see the fresh swimming lobsters in the aquariums too.

Wear that apron before meal!

Of course, the lobster must be good enough in order to lure people coming all the way to Genting for this luxurious meal. The restaurant specialises in premium 650-700g fresh lobsters imported from Nova Scotia, Canada, and delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA.

*All the dishes are served with chips and salad, unless stated.

The Original Lobster Roll with Japanese Mayo @ RM153
served in signature toasted brioche roll, with chips and salad

The restaurant, with a vast 3,500 square feet space, is huge enough to accommodate the huge crowd while the kitchen swiftly churns out one dish after another, without keeping the customers waiting for too long.

My No.1 favourite goes to the Lobster Roll, featuring the generous filling of chunky fresh lobster in the house signature toasted brioche roll, accompanied with chips and salad. The lobster meat is mixed with Japanese dressing to exude a fresh savoury flavour.

Look at the fresh chunky meat of the sizeable lobster!

The Original Lobster @ RM153

For the true taste of fresh lobster, one can't go wrong with the signature Original Lobster dish. Steamed with the restaurant's signature lemon and garlic butter, the freshly cooked meat is extremely succulent with rich touch of savoury sweetness. and falls off the shell easily.  The sides of chips and salad are great as stomach fillers too.

Chilli Lobster @ RM173
Served with signature brioche, without chips and salad
It is a local Malaysian-special flavour, reminding me of the famous Singapore chilli crab. 

The Original Beef Burger @ RM95 (224g beef patty)

Have tried enough lobster? Now we move on to the beef.... The beef burger we have is made purely with 100% Australian beef, with no fillers. Layered between two fluffy sesame seed brioche buns are the beef bacon, cheese, greens, in-house pickles and secret sauce that combines into a juicy and delicious mess in the mouth.

For the best of both worlds, I think the 224gram burger with lobster meat is the most perfect combination ever. Shall try it next time! 

#2: Cafés Richard -- the coffee and dessert haven!

If the long queue does not please you, you can head to Cafés Richard next door and tuck into a hearty French meal and dainty desserts while sipping into the original coffee freshly prepared in a variety of slow coffee methods.

Almost everyone opts for the al fresco dining where the stylized fiberglass and steel Frangipani flower-shaped area is located. Here we love the natural bright setting and breezy weather amidst the classy Parisian-style atmosphere; Just perfect for the Instagram shots.

Since we are here at Cafés Richard, the No.1 coffee roaster in France, during our afternoon tea, we skip the mains and only order a couple of beverages to quench the thirst. Now let's see how we can experience the genuine French art of living at this traditional French-style coffee roaster...

Coffee connoisseurs would probably be excited to see some of the more unconventional coffees here as Cafés Richard houses different beans from around the world to allow our senses to explore and discover different brews.

Head to the bar and be mesmerized by the art of making and serving coffee.

How to order the slow coffee here?
1. Choose the beans: from Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe, Costa Rica Tarrazu cultivated on volcanic plateaus, Sumatra Orang Utan Coffee or the premium Jamaican Blue Mountain.
2. Choose a slow coffee brewing method: French Press, Chemex, Syphon or Cold Drip

Costa Rica Tarrazu in Chemex method @ RM21

I am surprised that the coffee brewed using Chemex method is served in a tall wine glass, how unique it is! Well, the personal taste preference is very subjective, and I personally like the Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee for its full-bodied aroma and taste.

Latte Jardin Fleuri @ RM20
Rose, Hibiscus and Elderflower Latte

For sweet lovers like myself, I order an elegant glass of floral latte composed of rose, and elderberry while my friend has the rich decadent blend of chocolate frappe.

 Chocolate Frappe @ RM20 / Jardin Clos - Draining @ RM20

Overall, our high tea session concludes with a unique  Jardin Clos tea blend that freshens us up and washes down the sweets. The aroma and taste of lemongrass, ginger and lemon peel are great, but unfortunately refill is not allowed.

If you are up for coffee cocktails, espresso, mocktails and tea, Cafés Richard is the place to go.

#3: Motorino -- the traditional wood-fire pizzeria!

Our third stop of the day is something a pizza lover shouldn't miss -- Motorino Pizza from Brooklyn. Be it a neighborhood pizzeria in New York, Hong Kong or Malaysia, it is sure to satisfy our palates with delicious toppings, unique doughs and lots of cheese!

I like the clean design of the restaurant, with the waitstaff casually dressed in jumpers and tees.

Brooklyn’s Motorino takes pride for its authentic Neapolitan pizza which is cooked for just 60-90 seconds in a special wood-fired oven at 800-900 degrees Celsius.

The small mouth and low dome of the oven allows "express" pizza without compromising on the quality.

Cherry Stone Clam @ RM58
Mozzarella, Oreganata Butter, Parsley, Clams
Highly recommended for first timers, you gotta try this!!

Unlike crispy American pizza crusts, Motorino's pizza crust is soft and chewy, due to a type of finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives. All flavours come in one size -- 12 inches -- just nice for 2 pax. 

The chessy clam pizza is minimally topped yet deliciously balanced! Love the combination of crust, sauce and over-the-top cheese that hits just on spot.

Margherita Pizza @ RM52
Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Basil, Pecorino, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Amatriciana Pizza @ RM53
Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Minced Chicken, Scallion, Pecorino, Fresh Chilli
Roasted Chicken Wings (3 pieces) @ RM20
Wings drenched in special sauce made of lemon, mint, chilli flakes and onion.
If you find pizza boring, complement it with some appetizers / light bites to tantalize the palate!

Motorino's Meatballs (3 pieces) @ RM26
Chicken meatballs braised in tomato sauce, pecorino and basil
Highly recommended due to its soft meaty texture and moist juiciness!

Other eateries which are currently popular in Sky Avenue include:
 Tampopo, a Japanese Ramen restaurant
 Dazzling Cafe, a Taiwanese house of honey toast
 Malaysian Food Street, where the most famous hawker delights are gathered
 Inside Scoop, Tokyo Secret, Gong Cha, Starbucks Reserve and lots more....

Other than eating and drinking, SkyAvenue has crafted an entire lifestyle experience to keep visitors engaged at the mall. I heard there will be almost 100 international brands landing here from High Street to luxury, once the mall is fully opened.

Revisit? Yes! ❤ I shall visit again when more shops are open next time...

*Burger & Lobster, Cafes Richard and Motorino are located at Level 1, Sky Avenue.
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm on weekdays / 11am to 11.30pm on weekends.
For more information, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com.
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