18 June, 2017

Review: The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair for Sensitive Skin

Hi! I am back with another skincare review on my recent beauty haul. Guess what The Face Shop has brought us from Korea this round? It’s Dr. Belmeur, the first ever cosmeceutical skincare by The Face Shop

When I first see the new Dr. Belmeur skincare series, I am abit not used to the clean, “clinical” packaging that reminds me of some dermatological products. As compared to other cosmeceutical brand products in the drug stores, Dr. Belmeur is much more reasonably priced, hence I don't mind trying! 

Well, in fact, Dr. Belmeur is a gentle Derma Cosmetics solutions that uses mild plant-based ingredients (Natural!) + low irritant formula recommended by skin experts.

Being a specialised skincare, you should try Dr. Belmeur if you have the following concerns: 
❤ Sensitive, blemished, problematic skin
❤ Excess sebum and clogged pores
❤ Damaged skin due to external harmful environment / stress
❤ Extremely dry skin from inside
❤ Overly sensitive / easily irritable skin that cannot stand dermatological treatments

SKIN-SYNC RX is Dr. Belmeur's custom-made formula that makes use of the similarity between human skin structure and plant structure to provide a "connection" between plant and skin... There it delivers skin-friendly benefits such as protection, regeneration, calming, moisture and antioxidant nourishing.

Well, if this may sound abit technical for you, let me summarize it for you:

This Skin Sync formula comes very close to our skin cell structure, hence is easily acceptable by the skin as it connects to skin efficacy. In short, it provides solutions for different skin concerns. Surely there is something that suits your skin 

Dr. Belmeur, being a specialized skincare solution, comes in 2 types:
1. Daily Repair (for dry and sensitive skin)
2. Clarifying (for oily, blemished and problematic skin)

Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair line is one of the most gentle skincare I've tried. I must say, sensitive skin needs more protection and extra care than normal skin -- hence I need something that can help protect and strengthen skin barrier, and improve hydration.

So, for my dry skin, I go for this Daily Repair series. And it is further divided into basic care and extra care products:

Daily Repair Basic Care
 ❤ Daily Repair Foam Cleanser
 ❤ Daily Repair Toner
 ❤ Daily Repair Moisturizer

Daily Repair Extra Care
 Daily Repair Moisturizing Lip Balm
 Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream
 ❤ Daily Repair Centella Intensive Ointment
 ❤ Daily Repair Soothing Gauze Mask
 ❤ Daily Repair Cleansing Water
 ❤ Calamine Tone-up Cushion
❤ Blemish Balm Cushion

As a first time user of Dr. Belmeur, I only go for the star products in this series: Toner, Moisturizer, Ato Salt Cream.

Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Toner (200ml) @ RM 80.91
A low-irritant toner that calms sensitive and dry skin while boosting skin with moisture.

When Dr. Belmeur mentions "low-irritant", it means it suits the most sensitive skin you may have! It gives the skin a comfortable balance between oil and moisture. Plus, the natural oil ingredients derived from olive leaves is mild and less irritating. 

How To Use:
After cleansing, apply on skin in wiping motions using a cotton pad and pat to absorb.

The clear syrupy texture is slightly thicker than pure water but not the cloudy type that I like.
Due to its thick texture, the adherence onto skin is very high too.

Feel: ★☆
The skin feels cleansed after wiping off the “residue” on the surface.
It feels like pure fluid, hence does not irritate those with very sensitive skin.

It smells a little of fresh berry, flowers and musk aromas.
If you are concerned about skin irritation, don’t worry, it contains only allergen-free fragrance.

Effectiveness: ★☆
Its rich content of moisture and hydrating ingredients give the skin a “moisture recharge” without any irritation. Very light on the skin, calming and soothing too. 

Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizer (120ml) @ RM 89.91
Low-irritant moisturizer that calms sensitive skin and protects skin from being damaged.

The next step is the moisturizer to create a "protective skin barrier" after calming the skin with toner because of the harsh external environment. After this, you'll have less worries about the dusty air / pollution.

How To Use:
After applying toner, apply sufficient amount in outward motions and pat to absorb.

The fluid texture is just as lightweight as how I love it to be. Nothing burdensome/greasy to the skin!

Feel: ★☆
Fresh and moisturizing. No skin irritation even for sensitive skin.

It exudes a soft citrusy herbal aroma which soothes the soul. The best thing is,
the scent is derived from 100% natural sources: Rosemary, Lime and Tea Tree.

Good to create a moisturizing layer to the skin during the day before leaving home.

Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream (80ml) @ RM 125.91

Be warned, this is a very specialized product for dry skin and Atopic Eczema that will make you fall in love with it in just once use! It is my first time trying a mineral salt cream like this too, so I am totally blown by its effectiveness in relieving itch and boosting moisture. 

What is so special about the mineral salt – Dead Sea Salt?
Being a mineral salt therapy cream, its rich content of 8% Dead Sea Salt helps to:
❤ Relieve itchiness due to extreme skin dryness
❤ Deliver deep hydration

The result?
❤ 42% improvement in skin hydration
❤ 28% improvement in skin barrier 
❤ Improved keratin condition
*based on the test on Atopic eczema skin for a 4-week usage

How To Use:
Apply appropriate amount on dry areas (face, arms, legs, etc) and thoroughly pat to absorb.

The white soft cream is not as thick as I thought – It melts away once touches the skin,
creating moisture protective layer when it is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Feel: ★☆
After spreading it evenly, the skin is deeply nourished within seconds!

Fragrance: ★☆
It is almost scentless, as it contains no artificial fragrance. But I just love it this way – Pure and natural.

Good for real dry and problematic skin. This specialized product is definitely worth an investment,
because a thin layer can give great amount of moisture and one tube of this can go a long way :)

If there is only one product you must get for moisturizing the skin,
then it would certainly be the Ato Salt Cream.  Highly recommended!

Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Soothing Gauze Sheet Mask (30g) @ RM 13.67
A low-irritant calming and moisturizing sheet mask that keeps skin hydrated and cool. 

Apart from the daily skincare regime, do you agree that we should always take extra effort to pamper our skin with the special care items? So it's time to apply mask! It is a hydro-gel type sheet mask, meaning it has better water capturing system to hold more moisture for the skin to absorb. 

How To Use:
1. Apply the gauze sheet onto face after cleansing and toning
2. Peel off the sheet after 15~20 minutes
3. Lightly pat the remaining formula to absorb
*Recommended to use 2~3 times a week for best results.

Texture: ★☆

The gauze sheet mask is quite special because the "protective layer" is really made of gauze sheet! While the mask size is just nice for Asian skin. The solution inside has a gel-like texture; very adhesive to the skin and the excess is useful for the décolleté area. 

Feel: ★☆
Soothing and highly moisturizing on the skin, but I personally find it slightly sticky.

Fragrance: ★☆
It is a pleasant combination of fruity, floral and musky fragrances. Again, it is allergen-free, for sure!

Effectiveness: ★☆
Great for a quick moisture boost to the skin, thanks to its content of 70% water capturing system. Plus, it is able to create a hydration barrier for powerful hydration coating that lasts for long periods of time.

1. Overall, Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair series is suitable for dry and sensitive skin that needs more protection and more gentle treatment. 
2. I love how the products (from packaging to the formula) are simple, fuss-free and highly effective by specializing on specific skin concerns. 
3. Must-buy item: Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur series is available at all outlets and e-store:

THE FACE SHOP online store: https://goo.gl/dZgaVM
THE FACE SHOP nationwide outlets: https://goo.gl/zpbVQl

Don't forget to check out The Face Shop's latest updates too!
Website: www.thefaceshop.com.my

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