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12 October, 2017

Harumi 23 Tokyo Cuisine, Dessert & Coffee @ Desa Parkcity, KL

Our quest for modern, innovative Tokyo Cuisine is finally being answered by Harumi 23!

The relatively new Plaza Arkadia residence-cum-commercial area in Desa ParkCity is worth exploring especially when we are in search for a satisfying gastronomic experience with a wide variety of Tokyo cuisine, desserts and third wave single origin coffee. 

We are here for lunch at Harumi 23, a 2-month old Japanese establishment in Block F of Plaza Arkadia. Basement parking space is aplenty, and you can park near Block D and H exits that lead your way to this restaurant.

Named after the 23 districts in Tokyo, Harumi 23 takes pride of bringing to us the new, exceptional quality Tokyo cuisine which literally transports us to the Land of Rising Sun without burning a hole in the pocket. 

The contemporary interior matches well with the modern Japanese dining concept here - very family-style and kid-friendly. In fact, Harumi 23 is very crowded during my visit on a Saturday afternoon as it gains popularity among the families staying within the vicinity of Desa ParkCity. 

Here we get to try the signature items on the food menu including Charcoal Grilled Kushiyaki and organic Japanese pork, Tempura, Tokyo Spaghetti and authentic Japanese Dashi soups.

As for the dessert and drinks menu, you shouldn't miss the house specialty items including Rockmelon and Green Tea Kakigori, Harajuku Souffle Pancakes, Shibuya Dessert Toast and Yuzu Freeze.

Another surprise in Harumi 23 is the Third Wave Coffee which has a lighter roast profile using single origin coffee beans of the highest quality imported from Nozy Coffee of Japan. 

Hojo Premium Mountain Hojicha from Uji Sencha Jubuzan @ RM11.90

Our healthy start of the meal is the rich, authentic Japanese powdered green tea which is whisked with hot water to create a fresh, foamy, healthful drink. The reason behind its name is the traditional use of Matcha in Japanese tea ceremony.

The taste of green tea is very strong on the mouth, followed by a natural bittersweet aftertaste,
as it is served without any milk or sugar. 

Matcha Frappucino @ RM19.90 / Yuzu Freeze @ RM14.90 / Hot Matcha Latte @ RM10.90

But if you are into something more flavourful / sweet, Harumi 23 has lovely varieties of green tea based beverages as well as refreshing fruity ice blends, pure juices and milkshakes.

Harumi Dobin Mushi @ RM15

First to tantalize our palate is the mouth-watering Japanese Dashi Soup which is a rich concoction of prawn, chicken and maitake mushroom in superior clear dashi broth. Tastewise, it is naturally sweet with delicious umami flavours on its own but you can add a zest of lime cube for a refreshing touch.

Sashimi Moriawase (Assorted Fish) @ RM138 for 6 kinds

Sashimi is often the epitome of a good Japanese restaurant, therefore in Harumi 23, you can expect the high quality sashimi to be served fresh as it is air-flown from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo twice a week. But they only serve fishes which are more commonly sought after, such as Salmon, Salmon Belly, Tuna, Kampachi and Octopus.

Hotate Bacon (Charcoal Grilled Scallops Wrapped in Bacon) @ RM12 per stick (2 pieces)

If you are a fan of Yakitori (Grilled Skewers), this is a heaven for you. Harumi 23 uses only organic Japanese pork and grills it with real charcoal on a traditional Japanaese yakitori grill for the best of flavours.

Apart from pork, grilled items for chicken, duck, seafood, gizzards, mushroom and vegetables are available too. 

Butakushi (Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly and Asparagus with Salt) @ RM5 per stick

Who doesn't love pork belly when it comes to yakitori? Thanks to the sprinkle of salt, the melt-in-the-mouth pork belly is extra savoury and good to go with Japanese sake. Similarly, the grilled salmon belly exudes natural sweetness of the fish while it melts slowly in the mouth. 

Toro Salmon Shio (Grilled Salmon Belly) @ RM22

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Prawn and Vegetable Tempura) @ RM18

The tempura here is not the ordinary deep-fried Japanese dish. It is prepared with high-grade Japanese tempura flour and ice-cold water, resulting in an ultimate crisp and light texture which makes the dish a crowd pleaser especially when dipped into the savoury tempura sauce. 

Crispy Sushi Roll @ RM28

For sushi, we skip the house specialty Unagi Roll and opt for something even more interesting - a crispy, breadcrumb coated sushi roll with asparagus, salmon and ebiko filling. Crisp on the outside and dense inside, it is definitely something that easily fills the tummy.

Mentai King Prawn (with Half Broiled Cod Roe) @ RM28

Next up is something I am excited for, because I love anything with mentai (cod roe sauce)! The grilled prawn is fresh and grilled to perfection as the flesh falls off its shell easily. Whereas the creamy cod roe topping does a wonderful job in enhancing the flavours of oceanic goodness. 

Mentai Don @ RM19

Ah, we seriously can't have enough of the mentai, so we go for this bowl of rice with Japanese style omelette and cod fish roe. The omelette is the bomb! So silky smooth and melty inside, we can taste the sweet freshness from each bite.

Plus, Harumi 23 uses only high-grade Koshi Hikari rice, planted and imported from Japan which have better quality and give the dish more robust flavours.

Salmon Mentaiko Spaghetti @ RM36

For a nice rendition to the usual Italian spaghetti, try the Japanese-style spaghetti which is less creamy (hence, less cloying on the palate) and is beautifully topped with salmon sashimi, cod roe, nori flakes and spring onion. 

Matcha Kakigori @ RM23.90

When it comes to desserts, the Green Tea Kakigori literally mutes my senses with the ultra-smooth plain ice shave, paired with homemade green tea ice cream, red beans, mochi and green tea sauce. If you are a fan of green tea, this is the No.1 dessert you should go for!

Chocolate Strawberry Toast @ RM18.90 

Apart from that, the restaurant has gone great lengths to serve something more extraordinary - the trending Japanese Toast and Souffle Pancake - without compromising on the quality. I am sure you'd need more dessert room if you are craving for sweet stuff here!

Maple & Butter Souffle Pancake @ RM10.90

1. Overall, it is an all-rounder in modern Japanese cuisine. It has everything that you can possibly think of, and surely there'd something that satisfies your taste here.
2. This value-for-money casual family restaurant is a great place to dine whether you are working nearby or staying around Desa ParkCity.  
3. Recommended: Mentai Omelette, Harumi Dobin Mushi, Butakushi, Mentai King Prawn

Harumi 23
F-G-2, Plaza Arkadia,
Jalan Intisari,
Desa Parkcity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2710 9263

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