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04 December, 2017

Hui Lau Shan 許留山 Introduces Malaysia's First Salty Coconut Milk Beverages!

Look at all the colorful beverages in front of me! Are you tempted to try the new creative, healthy beverages and desserts on-the-go which are recently introduced by Hui Lau Shan, the famous dessert chain from Hong Kong?

At the ordering counter, you'll see a list of new beverages including Malaysia's first ever Salty Coconut Milk series, which is inspired by the recent "milk cap tea" trend. 

One thing to note is, Hui Lau Shan's drinks emphasize on using only real fresh fruits and nourishing ingredients to create different refreshing flavours and bring various nutrients. 

熱帶果茶椰奶蓋系列 Fruitpucino Coconut Milk Series
鳳梨抹茶冰沙椰奶蓋 Matcha Pineapple Fruitpucino
火龍果冰沙椰奶蓋 Dragon Fruit Fruitpucino
西瓜冰沙椰奶蓋 Watermelon Fruitpucino
[Must Try!] 芒果冰沙椰奶蓋 Mango Mint Fruitpucino

My top favourite is the Fruitpucino Coconut Milk series which I can taste a smooth blend of thick coconut milk and fresh mango smoothie in one sip. Plus, its thick texture can easily fill one's stomach! 

Don't forget to tilt the cup to 45-degree before drinking so that you can enjoy both flavours at once! 

花茶椰奶蓋系列 Coconut Milk Blocha Series
水蜜桃椰奶蓋 Coconut Milk Peach Blocha
格雷伯爵茶椰奶蓋 Coconut Milk Earl Grey Blocha
茉莉花茶椰奶蓋 Coconut Milk Jasmine Blocha
[Must Try!] 玫瑰香草椰奶蓋 Coconut Milk Rose Vanilla Blocha

A lighter variation from the fruit smoothie is the floral tea series which is similarly topped with thick coconut milk. While the floral tea tastes naturally light on the mouth, the coconut milk topping adds an interesting savoury twist to the beverage. So unique yet delicious! 

蝶迷水果茶系列 Mystery Gotcha Series
活力水果茶 Endevour Gotcha
A reenergizing blend of Earl Grey Tea and fresh fruits
迷迭香水果茶 Rosemary Garden Gotcha
A beauty drink with high antioxidant content to reduce wrinkle formation
蝶蘭花水果茶 Butterfly Pea Gotcha
A refreshing blue pea flower concoction with fresh fruits
[Must Try!] 黑枸杞水果茶 Goji Gotcha

Well, if you prefer not to go too adventurous on the taste buds, try the 4 nourishing drinks from the Mystery Gotcha Series. 

Goji Gotcha is the crowd's favourite so far, as it exudes the freshness of Jasmine Green Tea along with fruity richness. It uses premium Black Goji Berries (which we don't normally see here), which helps improve immunity, vision and blood circulation.

潮撈系列 GrabDessert
楊枝金撈 Sago Duet
芒果西米撈 Mango Sago
多芒小丸子 Mango Chewy Ball
多芒撈河 Mango Coconut Ribbon
初戀紅豆冰 Red Bean Puppy Love

Remember the all-time favourite mango desserts here? Apart from the new beverages, Hui Lau Shan has also repacked their signature desserts into the grab-and-go "GrabDessert" series where we can enjoy the desserts anytime, anywhere we are. 

多芒撈河 Mango Coconut Ribbon

I am surprised that the dessert tastes like a very refreshing smoothie when it is served on cup! It is now more convenient and less messy too' 

During this December, Hui Lau Shan is having a special "Butterfly Pea Gotcha" promotion at selected outlets every Thursday. 

How to get a FREE cup of Butterfly Pea Gotcha?
1. LIKE Hui Lau Shan and Mango Cottage official Facebook pages
2. Visit one of the following outlets at the specified time to redeem your free cup: 

7 Dec: Sunway Pyramid (3pm - 8pm)
14 Dec:  Queensbay Mall, Penang (3pm - 8pm)
21 Dec: Aeon Tebrau City, Johor Bahru (3pm - 8pm)
28 Dec: Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan, Sri Petaling (6pm - 10pm)

*Limited to first 100 customers only 
*50% Discount for the 101th cup onwards

For  more information, please visit:

Hui Lau Shan Malaysia Fan Page

Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan Fan Page

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