21 March, 2018

A Better Florist : Best Florist in Malaysia

There’s nothing quite like flowers on the daily basis to put a smile on your face, and to give you that extra boost of inspiration and energy. It’s also the first thing you reach for when you need to cheer someone else up or even send a message to say thank you, I’m sorry, we love you, and whatever you need to say. Flowers are like a little story, especially when florists know how to craft them so they tell the right story. A Better Florist is the best florist in Malaysia, and you should definitely see what they have to offer.
From gorgeous holiday floral arrangements and grand opening flowers, to appropriate and carefully put together funeral flowers, A Better Florist is the mecca of all things flowers. This is the shop that’s not going to say no to anything that has to do with flowers. They have it all, and not only do I enjoy this variety, I enjoy how they put a unique spin on everything, so that every bouquet is beautiful and yet unique. But besides the funeral flowers, and their beautiful flower collections, A Better Florist has something for those who want to send a different message, and not just with flowers. A Better Florist is a flower delivery Malaysia can rely on if they need a hamper for any kind of a holiday or a fruit basket. Their fruit basket delivery is one of the most popular ones, which is why they call A Better Florist is the best florist in Kuala Lumpur. I ordered their hampers a couple of times, one of them being the get well soon hamper, and I loved it so much. They also have Valentine’s Day hampers, Mother’s Day hampers, a baby hamper collection and so much more.
​If you check online, you’ll probably see that A Better Florist is the best flower delivery Malaysia has, but also a flower delivery Singapore is crazy about. Singapore is the original home of A Better Florist, and this is where it actually all started. Thanks to that team, we now have an extremely talented florist team.

Moving on to all the perks that come with shopping from this flower shop. You can definitely count on their flower delivery, in fact, there’s no florist in Malaysia that can come close to their same day flower delivery. Not only are you guaranteed a same day delivery, you get it within just 90 minutes, and it’s completely free, no extra charge.

If you love A Better Florist so far, check out some of the amazing reviews online. Plenty of bloggers and magazines regard them as the best florist in Malaysia, as well as the best flower delivery UAE has, and a Hong Kong flower delivery that you have to try out. If you happen to have loved ones outside of Malaysia, you can always order from the best florist in HK and be sure that A Better Florist is the best flower delivery Hong Kong can rely on. The same goes for Singapore and the flower delivery Dubai has. There’s nothing to say about A Better Florist that you won’t like, so the best way to see why I love this flower shop so much is to check them out for yourself.


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