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23 June, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: Pony Brown Masks from Korea

Hi, guess what? Another cutesy Korean brand has just arrived in Malaysia -- it's PONYBROWN❤ 

Look at the cute packaging of PONYBROWN... I always admire the artist behind the brand that makes everything just so irresistibly cute! So I have gotten some of the best-selling masks to try out...

PONYBROWN has been in the Korean market since 2007, bringing customers positive vibes through its iconic little hoody girl character, Marrife, created by a Korean animation artist, Mane. In Marrife's life, she is always accompanied by her cats and she sees every tomorrow as a positive and sunny day. I guess that's why the product packaging is so colorful and spreads positivity to consumers. 


In 2015, PONYBROWN got engaged with Naturie Korea Laboratory and Research and introduced PONYBROWN PLUS +, a new line of skincare and cosmetic products MADE IN KOREA. Currently they are available in various countries around Asia and Europe.

Let me share with you the two types of mask I have gotten from PONYBROWN PLUS +

How to Use:
Step 1: Purify using Black Mask
Step 2: Soothe / Hydrate using Skin Hue Mask 

Similar to double cleansing, we often cleanse and exfoliate our skin for better absorption of skincare. Hence, for the mask, it is good to use Black Mask Range (to cleanse/purify) and Skin Hue Mask Range (to soothe/hydrate) at once or on alternate day, for the best result. 

Step 1: Purify
PONYBROWN PLUS+ Skin Hue Sebum Control Black Mask (23ml)
❤ Made in Korea
❤ Natural bamboo charcoal fibre sheet
❤ Sebum reduction
❤ Pore management

To first cleanse the skin thoroughly, the black mask is made from the natural bamboo charcoal fibre sheet that can help to do the 'magic' by: 
❤ Removing impurities and unclogging pores
❤ Minimizing pores and improving skin texture 
❤ Restoring skin complexion
❤ Balancing sebum secretion

For the benefits of controlling sebum on skin, the mask contains Affipore, extracted from leaves of a South African plant rich in flavonoids, to help balance sebum secretion, diminish pore size and improve skin texture.

 The  natural bamboo charcoal fibre sheet mask is good in quality -- very thick material and does not tear off easily.

One thing I always love about Korean masks is the face-fitting shape that is just nice for our Asian face. And it adheres very well onto the skin too. After 20 minutes, I remove it and carefully massage the remaining essence into the skin. Another good thing is, no rinsing is required too! 

The instantaneous effect is impressive! Look at the result -- my pores are more refined, and the skin complexion becomes more radiant. 

I personally find it suitable to refine my large pores too, as the mask is also rich in green tea filtrate and lotus flower filtrate. The duo is a quick and effective pore treatment pack that maintains the oil-water balance of the skin. I will use it as often as possible, since it is recommended to use it 3 times a week. 

Step 2: Hydrate
PONYBROWN PLUS+ Skin Hue Aquaring Face Mask (23ml)
❤ Made in Korea
❤ Natural fruit pulp fibre sheet
❤ Moisturizing benefits 

After purifying the skin, it is important to lock moisture into the skin so that it stays plump and hydrated. The aquaring mask uses an all-natural fruit pulp fibre sheet, comprising natural Skin Rest Complex that is safe for sensitive skin.

As a quick moisture booster for the skin, the mask is punch-packed with Bio-HA, a water-holding agent or natural moisturizer which our body produces lesser as we age. Coupled with the rich content of ceramide, coconut water and cornflower water, the mask helps to deeply moisturise the skin, maintain skin structure and protect skin.

Similar to the black mask, the natural fruit pulp fibre sheet mask is good in quality,
considering its thick texture and generous amount of essence in it.

Unfortunately, as I unfold the mask, I notice that it is lacking of a protective layer.

On the skin, it feels so moisturising as if the mask is feeding the skin with water. A good 15-20 minutes is sufficient to replenish the skin with moisture, especially after a long day in the air-conditioned room.

Did you notice the glow on my skin after a deep moisturising mask treatment? I love how my skin is soothed and moisturised instantaneously.

Oh did I forget to mention that the remaining essence in the mask pack is sufficient to moisturise the neck too?

Overall Verdict:

Overall, I just can't tell which is better -- black mask or aquaring face mask -- because both are equally great and works well on my dry skin plus oily T-zone area. I love how the duo can be combined and used as my weekly remedy for eliminating oily skin surface and improving skin moisture. In a long run, I believe it would do great for improving the skin structure and reducing pores too. 

PONYBROWN Hue Mask retails at RM40 per box of 5 whereas the PONYBROWN Dream Masks Range retails at RM11.90 per piece. Feel free to find out more about other mask ranges too.

PONYBROWN mask range is currently available on 11street.

Instagram: @ponybrownmalaysia

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