ViQ Apparel: Affordable Sports Attire in Paradigm Mall, PJ

Congratulations ViQ Apparel for the Grand Opening of its flagship store in Paradigm Mall, PJ!

ViQ Apparel, our proud home-grown sportswear brand is not something new to me. I have been wearing ViQ Apparel sportswear since few years ago when I got my first set from its booth in The School, Jaya One.

Meet Kevin, the owner behind this affordable fitness fashion brand

At ViQ Apparel, sportswear is always fun and expressive. Its wide range of sports bra, tops, running pants etc comes in various colors that express our styles and uniqueness. Today, ViQ is supplying apparels of more than 80 colors with sizes up to 3XL to serve different market needs.

Price wise, it is pretty affordable. Most tops and pants that I see here are below RM69.90 while some are only 30++ ringgit! To be honest, such price point is very attractive for the design and quality we get.

I notice alot of sportswear here are skewed towards being fashionable.
Functionality wise, customers can choose according to their needs / purposes.

For instance, this floral yoga top and elastic skort are specially designed for yoga or light activities.
No worries, there is definitely something here that would suit your active lifestyle :)

Affordability aside, the quality is fairly good too. All the fabrics and textiles are properly examined and controlled for quality assurance. That’s how ViQ brings us the best of comfort, creativity and value for money. 

For running pants, I am happy to see such a complete spectrum of colors!
It's time to ditch the classic black and add some colors to your daily workout :)

Criss-cross design, one of the best-selling series is my personal favourite here!

Absolutely lovin' how they incorporate mesh material and cut out design to add an edgy touch to the outfit.

 Oh did I forget to mention that ViQ Apparel has plenty of fitness tee and pants for male too?

 So, don't just bring your girlfriend here; do shop together with her!

Once again, congratulations ViQ Apparel for the flagship store opening in Paradigm Mall, PJ! 

I must say, you gotta visit the outlet to see and feel ViQ's fashion and sports apparel yourselves :) 
For those residing outside Klang Valley, feel free to shop for ViQ online too!

ViQ Apparel Flagship Store
2F-08, 09, 10
2nd Floor
Paradigm Mall
1, Jalan SS 7/26A, SS7,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Shop Online:
Instagram: @viqapparel


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