10 September, 2018

Fashion Styling with Uniqlo Malaysia x Dreachong

Oh hello! It is rare for me to attend a meet-and-greet event, but this round I am very excited for it because I am meeting the super bubbly Drea Chong, a fashion influencer from Singapore who purposely flies to KL for a Saturday afternoon session with her fans. 

And of course, the excitement also comes from my first experience being styled by Drea with Uniqlo merchandises and Benefit Cosmetics makeup (Hairdo is on my own, done by my ever trusted hair salon, Number76). 

Hat, top and bottom are all from Uniqlo!

It is my honour to be invited to this super casual and fun event held at The KL Journal boutique hotel. And thank you the sweet team from Uniqlo for sponsoring this set of Japanese-styled outfit, specially hand-picked by Drea a couple of days before the event. 

P/S: Spot my bag!  Lovin' this hand-woven piece that exudes that French-girl vibes!

While Uniqlo is the sponsor of my outfit of the day, I am also thankful for the lovely makeup done by Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia's National Brow Artist, Shanice before the event. 

......and lots of brow styling tips from her too. I have pocketed a lot of knowledge from this quick session :)

Just a quick snippet of what I wear before the event. Am super into this piece of bright yellow sundress lately, which I have gotten from EL Wardrobe, a humble shop in Malacca. And coincidentally, Drea is wearing something yellow too, from Uniqlo. So tempted to get a piece of high-waist pants like this! 

Overall, it is a simple yet awesome afternoon well-spent with Drea and team :) Good to know a couple of new friends there too. Hope there'll be more sessions like this in future!

P/S: Tell me if you prefer lookbook-styled blog post like this in the comment box below!

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