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02 November, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare from Korea

Have you heard of Angel's Tears❤ It sounds so delicate, so gentle to me....but what exactly is it? Let's find out more from today's review of the all-new *super-sized* Angel Aqua Skincare series by BEYOND, a Korean sister brand to THE FACE SHOP. 

BEYOND, a Korean specialist for body care products

Looking at the brand logo with a leaf icon in it, I am sure you can tell that BEYOND focuses on eco-friendly and ethical approach in producing sustainable skin and body care products. Launched since 2005, BEYOND products are always paraben-free, cruelty-free and most importantly, they use only organic and natural ingredients.

BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare 

This is my first time trying BEYOND skincare, and I am excited for its Angel Aqua series which is good for dehydrated, oily-combination skin. If you have dry skin like mine (especially when you stay long hours in the air-conditioned room) but the T-zone secretes oil more than usual, then this is for you.

BEYOND's ultra-mild skincare formula (All thanks to the skin-friendly and naturally-sourced ingredients) is also great for sensitive skin.

BEYOND Angel Aqua uses 2 key natural ingredients, namely the:
❤ Angel's Tears Extract, and
❤ Mineral Sprout Water

Angel's Tears Extract
Interesting name eh? It is actually a cascading plant with tiny, round leaves! What's so special about this plant is that it can only be found in clean, uncontaminated areas.

❤ Excellent sebum control so that your makeup stays fit for long hours
❤ Moisturise and soften rough skin texture
❤ Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits 

Mineral Sprout Water
We all eat sprouts for health benefits, but do you know that its nutrient-rich properties also help skin retain its vitality and youth? Broccoli, Rape Flower and Canola Seeds are germinated for 5 days in hot spring water from Spau, Belgium. This maximises the potential of these sprouts by up to 3 times before the concentrated sprout energy is extracted! 

Angel Aqua Big Toner (500ml) @ RM99

Let's begin with the first step after cleansing: Toning. Seriously I haven't used such huge toner before! It seems to be able to last me for a good couple of months.

Boost collagen production and prevent moisture loss from the skin. 

Texture / Feel: 
The toner feels amazingly mild on the skin, leaving no sticky sensation or thick residue.
Yet it instantly soothes the skin and balances up the complexion.
No unpleasant scent of alcohol, hence suitable for sensitive skin.

I love how it uses a "pump" opening, to prevent excessive usage or unwanted leakages.
More secure and hygienic too!

Beauty Tips:
You can pour some in a spray bottle and use it as a moisturising mist anytime you want. 

Angel Aqua Cream (2 x 150ml) @ RM130

Next is the must-try item in this series! The Angel Aqua Cream not only comes in a huge 150m jar, but also in a 1+1 packaging. That means you can get 2 bottles at one single price, so do share it with your sister or BFF to enjoy such affordable skincare!

Hydration! It is crowned as "No. 1 Hydrating Cream" by Korean Consumer Report for first half of 2016, all thanks to its rich 70.1% Mineral Sprout Water content, as well as Organic Babassu Butter and Ceramide for long-lasting moisture.

I am not sure why is it labelled as "Cream" because the texture is more lightweight and smoother than any cream I have tried! It feels more like thick, translucent gel punch-packed with loads of moisture,

Very soothing upon touching the skin. Then it melts quickly into the skin and keeps skin soft and vitalised. No oily residue at all. 

Beauty Tips:
You can use it as a sleeping pack by applying a thick layer before going to bed.

Angel Aqua Cica Cream (2 x 100ml) @ RM130

The regular Cica creams may be heavy and thick, but definitely not this one. As the last step of skincare, it can be applied during both day and night. Don't forget to massage for easy absorption.

The rich Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica (TECA) and hyaluronic contents relieve the skin instantly from irritation and dryness.

Not as thick and heavy as expected. It leaves the skin with a very pleasant soft and soothing sensation.

Super fast absorption into the skin, but remember to apply only a thin layer.

1. Overall, the Angel Aqua skincare is good at soothing and moisturising skin and suits all skin types  (But it would work wonder on dehydrated, oily-combination skin). 
2. I am amazed by the effectiveness (for hydration) of BEYOND skincare. Let's go BEYOND our expectation without burning a hole in the wallet! 
3. Must-try item: Angel Aqua Cream

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