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02 December, 2018

Celebrate Christmas with Cakes & Breads from Hogan Bakery

Hi, this is Santarina Fish! ❤ Are you excited for Christmas already?

It's almost end of the year, so it's time for Christmas gatherings again! Isn't it the best time to catch up with our close friends and family and spend some quality time together before the year ends?

If you are planning to host any parties / gatherings this year end, then these Christmas treats from Hogan Bakery may interest you!

If you do not already know, Hogan Bakery is Taiwan’s most famous homegrown bakery shop. Using only natural, wholesome and hand picked freshest ingredients, Hogan Bakery serves over 140 different types of bread, freshly baked from the oven every 4 hours.

Let's see what I get from Hogan Bakery for my early Christmas celebration!

Chocolate Yule Log Cake (1.5kg)

Do you know that apart from breads and pastries, Hogan sells cakes too? I have found the dreamiest, richest and most intoxicating chocolate cake for this Christmas.

The layers of moist chocolate cake and luscious chocolate mousse are so smooth, so creamy that I must say it is a perfectly decadent post-dinner treat for my guests! Plus, chocolate is always everyone's favourite, be it young or old.

Chickie Bread

To celebrate this festive season in a budget way, Hogan Bakery has introduced the new "Chickie Bread", a very creative rendition from the usual stuffed turkey. As you can see two drumsticks popping out from this huge bread, I am sure you can already guess what's inside!

The outer bread layer is soft and fluffy, just like the way I love it to be baked. Inside the bread "shell", a huge surprise is awaiting us! It is a whole chicken with plenty of potato stuffings. I must say, this is the most creative bread I have ever tried!

Now, who say Christmas themed food is expensive?

Chickie Drumstick

Alternatively, you can try the Chickie Drumstick, a "simplified" version of Chickie Bread which features the same fluffy baked bread but it is filled with a chicken drumstick instead.

The drumstick inside is well-flavoured and does not feel dry at all. It still taste perfectly good even on the next day I bought it home, but make sure it is stored in the fridge to preserve the freshness (I just put it into microwave oven for reheating).

Fruit Cake

Well, if you prefer something more traditional, then the Fruit Cake is party-perfect too. Hogan's version is punch-packed with raisins, mixed glazed fruits and citron, making it a wonderful jewel-toned fruit cake. Although full of flavour, the level of sweetness is just nice for my liking.


To be honest, I am surprised that I haven't tasted this traditional Italian Christmas bread before. Glad to have found it in Hogan, so I have decided to get one to complete my Christmas series. It tastes like a bread version of the fruitcake -- lightly sweet and well studded with golden raisins and glazed citron inside.

Gingerbread Man Cookies

Lastly, don't forget about those cute gingerbread man cookies! They are not only perfect decors to spice up the Christmas vibes but are also delicious snack to munch on.

Hope you'd enjoy these Christmas goodies as much as I do,
and don't forget to invite me to your Christmas party ya! :P

Check out Hogan Bakery's Facebook and Instagram for latest updates here:

Hogan Bakery Outlets
❤ Mid Valley Megamall (LG-62 & 62A)
Business hour: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03-2201 1043

❤ Pavilion Level 6
Business hour: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03-21100021

❤ Bukit Bintang Sidewalk
Business hour: 9am - 11pm
Contact: 03-21130229

❤ Cheras LeisureMall (L1-61)
Business hour: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03-91338410

❤ Lion Office Tower
Business hour: 7.30am - 8pm (Weekdays) /  8am - 4pm (Weekend & Public Holidays)
Contact: 03-21101286

❤ Jaya Shopping Centre (Lot G-17)
Business hour: 9am - 10pm
Contact: 03-79310504

❤ IOI City Mall (LG-26)
Business hour: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 03-8953 0783

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