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30 December, 2018

[TRAVEL] Mickey's 90th Birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland

Happy 90th Birthday, Mickey Mouse! 

November 2018 was a memorable day, because it is the birthday month of Mickey Mouse and myself :P As I pen this memory down on this blog, I think I'd probably smile and whisper "Thank you for the memories" when I read this post few years later. 

Frankly, I've always wanted to spend my birthday overseas but never had a chance to. Reasons? Probably no proper planning in the past, but I finally made it in 2018! In fact, 2018 was an extraordinarily lucky year for me, I really did not expect to enjoy a two-week birthday trip in November, with my first visit to Hong Kong Disneyland on my 26th big day.

Let's goooooooooooo! Thank you for the miracles that happen 

Coincidentally, it is Mickey's 90th birthday celebration month too.
And I am so happy to obtain the birthday-themed ticket upon entering!

Travel Tips: Skip the long queue by pre-booking your HK Disneyland tickets via Klook.

Yay! Got my Birthday Badge from the information centre upon entering the park 

Seriously, staff who see me with this badge pinned on my blouse would approach me randomly and give me very warm birthday wishes, including my new favourite Duffy too (will explain more later)! :P 

Christmas begins as early as mid-November in Disneyland.
Lovin' the Christmas vibes here so much! 

Although many have been telling me that Hong Kong Disneyland is ridiculously small in size with not many attractions or is a complete waste of time, but I think actually it is not bad at all! There are 7 parks altogether, each with different themed attractions for both adults and kids.

But of course, I must admit that the number of attractions are lesser than the other Disneylands around the world but I still spend a good 7-8 hours exploring all of them and I am already super exhausted by the time the sun sets. 

Btw, a big shoutout to TravelRecommends for keeping me connected throughout my Hong Kong vacation.

Let's begin our magical adventure in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Main Street, U.S.A.
Spot the two royal princesses! :P 

The Main Street is of course my favourite among all, as it is lined with rows of shops offering super cute Disney merchandise, Mickey waffles, and Disney cartoon-themed desserts which look so mouth-watering and irresistible. Every sight here is just so beautiful that I wish I can have more pictures at every nook and corner! 

I have tried the Mickey chocolate-coated doughnut and it tastes surprisingly decent!
Not just for photo / display purposes only ya :P 

Can I have one please? 

The character meet-and-greet session is also here at the Main Street!
Duffy is so sweet to wish me Happy Birthday and give me a fluffy bear hug before taking photos.

Travelling Tips: Download Hong Kong Disneyland app so that 
you wouldn't miss the time slot to meet your favourite character.

❤ Royal Princess Garden 

Here comes the best part of the day....
Disney's Flights of Fantasy Parade

I have always loved watching parades or huge public celebrations (usually on Youtube / TV because I hate the stuffiness among crowds lol). But watching it live gives a totally different feel! The Flights of Fantasy parade is a full-fledged parade with all Disney characters dressed in colorful, glitzy costumes and all of them are wearing bright smiles on the face. 

So happy to meet all the human-sized characters like Mickey and friends (including my favourite Dale Dale), Winnie the Pooh and friends, Tinkerbell, Lilo and Stitch, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Disney princesses! 

❤ Fairytale Forest

Fantasyland - my second favourite of the day! This place feels like a dream come true for every princess wanna-be. How I'd wish to get into the fairytale forest and find my Prince there. 

❤ Cinderella Carousel
My childhood favourite carousel is here too!

❤ The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

❤ Mickey's PhilharMagic

Too bad, the Sleeping Beauty Castle was undergoing transformation during our visit :(

Did I forget to mention that I bump into this talented street sweeper who can draw a Pinocchio using a broom?!

One of my favourite sci-fi themed attraction park in Disneyland!

.....mainly because of the Hyperspace Mountain which transports us in an intensely thrilling motion like a rocket! 

Must Visit! ❤ Iron Man Tech Showcase

❤ Star Wars Command Post
The kids are just too cute when fighting against the Jedi!
Toy Story Land

The Toy Story Land is also one of the smaller sections with a character experiencing zone and 3 games. Apart from the Slinky Dog Spin that would probably make one dizzy, I actually chicken out from the two most thrilling rides in the park (in my opinion only okay lol), Toy Soldier Parachute Drop (left) and RC Racer (right). 

Enough of adrenaline rush just by watching the riders themselves!


Welcome to the rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse 
Unfortunately, the Jungle River Cruise is closed for maintenance on that day :( 

 Pretty sights at Tarzan's Treehouse are worth a picture or two!

Grizzly Gulch
Apart from the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car (a bumpy roller coaster ride), I am kind of disappointed with this colorful mining town because there is nothing much to do here except for enjoying the 'geyser'.  

Mystic Point
❤ Mystic Manor

❤ Garden of Wonders

Look at the curious archaeological antiquities that create wondrous 3D illusions, those are eye-opening discoveries at the garden!

...Approaching evening in Hong Kong Disneyland
By sunset, the rides would be closed but Disneyland remains flooded with people because everyone is waiting for another main highlight of the day - the night parade!

To be honest, I am a little let down by the fact that Hong Kong Disneyland no longer has firework show at the end of each day, due to budget issue :( But it's okay, since it is Mickey's 90th birthday, there is a special appearance of Mickey to celebrate the big day!

Thank you for spreading magic into the air! I don't know why but I almost tear seeing this scene.

By 10pm, the park is almost closed and I have to leave with a heavy heart. My first Disneyland experience has been amazing and it is indeed a memorable birthday spent at the world's most magical place. Hopefully I can visit Disneyland in other locations around the word too! Perhaps Tokyo would be the next stop? :P 

13 November 2018 || Thanks for the memories :)
They are well kept in my heart, and recorded in my photobook and mini photo prints.

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