16 February, 2019

Interesting Facts on How Skin Care and Cosmetic Products Are Made

In the modern world, the interest in what's actually in beauty products is at an all-time high. Most shoppers are keen on inspecting ingredient lists before buying any beauty products. However, we are still in the dark on many of the processes that go into making cosmetics.

But, at a recent beauty and cosmetics summit held by S. W. Basics and Beauty Corner, we got to learn some fascinating facts about how skin care products and cosmetics are made, including:

1. There are insufficient regulations in the personal care products industry.

In Europe, about 1300 toxic ingredients are totally banned from beauty products. In America, only 11 ingredients are banned and there is not much the government and regulatory agencies are doing to expand the list. Many beauty products are banned in other countries, but allowed in the US. The FDA is open about the problem, but according to their website, they lack the authority to approve cosmetics and ingredients.

2. Just because a product is marketed as natural doesn't mean that it actually is.

Just like the ingredients, terms like "herbal" and "natural" are also poorly regulated. Some manufacturers will claim their product is natural while the natural ingredient they advertise is just a drop in the ocean compared to the other not-so-natural ingredients used. 

It is important to remember when reading marketing and packaging claims of skin care manufacturers. To know how much of it is actually there, just check the ingredient list on the packaging for details about its concentration in the product.

3. Latin words on product labels and ingredient lists are actually a good sign.

Natural ingredients are typically written in Latin on the product's ingredient list. On the other hand, those super-long names that are almost impossible to pronounce are usually chemicals that could be harmful. While shopping, look out for plenty of Latin names with a familiar English word in parenthesis, such as Helianthus annuus (Sunflower).

4. Many of the ingredients in prestige beauty and drugstore brands don't actually help your skin in any way.

Most drugstore or department store cosmetics usually have long ingredient lists full of names you may not be familiar with. Some of the ingredients are there to give the product a certain feel, smell, texture, or to give it a longer shelf life. Some of them may actually do more harm than good, such as certain alcohols which may strip your skin of its natural oils.

5. You must be patient when making a switch to natural beauty.

Just like switching to a healthy diet, you can't expect to see results immediately. It usually takes the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) roughly a month to renew itself completely, so that's how long it should take to see results.

6. Natural ingredients are just as effective as chemical ones.

For every chemical ingredient, there is a good chance that there is a natural product that can do the same job, sometimes even better than the chemicals. Beauty companies avoid natural ingredients because they tend to be more expensive. For instance, tea tree oil does the same job as benzoyl peroxide which is found in many beauty products.

Every woman is somehow obsessed with the skincare and cosmetic products in today’s generation. It boosts self-esteem and confidence for their day-to-day errands. But, take note of these ladies, you must ensure how the beauty product was made and how safe it is to use before buying for one. The facts mentioned above may serve as your guide. Make a wiser pick, loves!

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