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19 February, 2019

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Catsuit

Good enough for celebrities, wearing a dancewear catsuit is not everybody’s cup of tea. Yet, you can wear it at home to experience the level of fun and comfort on your body instead of dressing gown or old sweats. Specifically designed for dancers, cat suits are made of stretchable Lycra and spandex fabric to allow free movement of the body. If you are planning to buy a catsuit, here are some tips on how to choose the right one.

#1 Where to find Catsuits

If you are planning to buy a catsuit, you may have already decided on its purpose of wearing. You can visit local high-street stores to find traditional catsuits, but the range of colors and style may be very limited there. If you are searching erotic and intimate catsuits, then high-street retailers may not be a comfortable place to shop. In either case, you can visit specialist online retailers and don't forget to use offers and discounts while buying online to save you some money and it's better than buying it on a street. Plus you can find the widest range of catsuits available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials at excellent prices.

#2 Check the material of the catsuit

Catsuits are available in a variety of materials, but the decision of choosing the right material comes down to the purpose of buying it. Catsuits that are used for sports, aerobics and dancing are often made from nylon and lycra, which are lightweight and do not restrain the wearer’s movements. For wearing as a fancy dress, fetish wear or intimate apparel, materials like leather and PVC are usually preferred.

#3 Check the size and quality of the catsuit

The sexy dancewear clings to the body, and therefore, the fabric should be stretchable enough to provide free bodily movement. An ideal catsuit should have enough of Lycra to hold on its shape. Try out different sizes and buy the one that fits perfectly. Otherwise, it could lead you to public embarrassment if the catsuit is too tight or too loose.

#4 Pay attention to your body figure

As catsuit fits tightly on the body, they expose your entire body figure. Even if you have pettiest lumps or bumps, the catsuit will highlight them. If you have a great sinuous body figure, then it is fine to wear in the public, but if you have little cellulite, then people might crack jokes on you. For the latter one, keep it for private fun around the house.

#5 Go for the right accessories

A sexy pair of boots or heels looks great with the catsuit. Put on hand wear like a formal watch or matching colour bracelet that goes flawless with your catsuit. If you are feeling too much exposed, then you can put on blazer for a chic and less exposing look.

Wearing a catsuit in public needs a lot of courage and self-confidence if you are staying in the place where people in the surroundings are not aware about the latest fashion trends. Wearing the right accessories is as important as wearing the catsuit for the occasion.

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