19 May, 2019

Awesome Fashion Trends To Pamper Yourself With

Fashion and trend are like peanut butter and jelly, almost inseparable. As time goes by we all see the evolving world right in our cloth stores and off the runways. There is always 'the look' that has us cashing out in our local malls because if we don't pull it off now, will we ever?

From magazines, to fashion blogs, to lifestyle shows, influencers in the fashion world constantly keep up us to speed with what is new and worth trying out. Even without having to subscribe to an influencer's advice you can spot fashion trends the moment you step right out through the door.

We all want to look like we stepped right out of a package and there are some cool fashion trends that will serve that effect. Here are ten styles you might just want to check out and pull off for the ultimate pampering experience.

Print season is here!

Printed fabrics can be intimidating. Plain colours have always been safe when considering what to wear and no one wants to look like a walking quilt. However print is a great way to add life to your outfit and balance out plain colours by creating a focus on what you are wearing.

Animal print is a classic and is a bold fashion statement winner. Unleash your feline side with a leopard jumpsuit or a body hugging dress. Tartan print is another great comeback from our childhood and can have you catching compliments when you wear tartan Pants like, blazers or a full suit.

You can step it up a notch by mixing prints. Patch fashion is a go-to for an edgy denim piece and you can also wear bold abstract patterns and bring out the post modern feel.

Sporty is Trendy

Activewear is no longer confined to the gym or the sidewalk during morning runs. You can now still feel laid back and look gorgeous and comfortable in a matching two piece activewear. You can also tone the look down and mix it up with your everyday casual wear or even get a blazer or with some leggings.

Keep it warm in style

Sometimes in the name of keeping out the cold we can mask a great outfit underneath. One way of stepping out in the chill looking amazing is with a biker jacket. Leather is the epitome of trendy and a biker jacket is just the way to rock it!

The material really doesn't go out of style and can be worn over really anything, denim pants, pencil skirt, jumpsuits,you name it! To steal the show get the jacket in a fitting size with cool metal zippers and have it above the waist. With this look you won't even have to say your name twice!

You remember those oversized jackets our mothers would have us wear to school? Now they are a cold weather must have. They are a hot cake especially in men's fashion, and lines like Moncler Menswear amongst others have put up a variety of options. They vary in weight since some can be worn as throw-ons and those in particular tend to be lighter.

Purple never goes wrong

Purple is lovable to most and it has a sweet and innocent aura to it. From bold royal tones to soft lilacs and soft lavenders, this is a colour you definitely want to stock in your closet. It looks really enchanting against both gold and silver detail and allows anything else you are wearing to pop.

It is a perfect choice for a cocktail party or a gala night, it serves both for day and night looks. It's simply versatile and makes you the sweetheart in the room.

Making Shoulder Moves

Fashion is always about the flaunt! Off shoulder and cold shoulder looks have landed with a bang and they show just enough skin for the light to kiss. These shoulder looks can pass for any look, from smart casual, to a party look, date night look and who hasn't spotted it on wedding photos!

Still on shoulders, the puffy shoulders is back and here to stay! This retro inspired look is the capital T on trendy. Blazers, dresses and blouses with a bit of that raised shoulders immediately uplift any look, literally. The accessory to this style is simply walking with your head held high and keeping those shoulders straight! Now that's a statement.

It's all about the Shoes

Shoes make or break an outfit and we all have that pair of shoe that can make even pajamas wearable to work. Sculptured shoes are making headlines and they can be your secret weapon for any fashion show down. The detail of the shoe makes them gorgeous for any feet and will have you stand out as you stand up.

Sneakers have always gotten a snort when fashion conversations are going on. On the contrary they actually are the new stilettos in town. It is not uncommon to see people post dresses, even the most unlikely ones with sneakers. Both men and women are all running for a pair and another right after because sneakers are now style and not just comfort.

More versatile designs have come into the market and can be worn on the red carpet, on the runway, on the wedding aisle, in offices! You can grab a plain white pair and tie up neon coloured laces and wrap up that lunch hang out outfit effortlessly.

Pack it up in a Catchy Bag

Ever gotten the perfect outfit then boom! The bag washes it all down. Bags are a key accessory when it comes to fashion and getting the right one for every outfit can be at times daunting plus, how many bags can one have.

Nonetheless, having a catchy bag will complement any outfit and add the remaining 10 points to get to 100%. Shrunken bags are a marvel and before we get to how they are carried or what can go in them, they are a trend you would want to consider if you are in a mood to treat yourself. Shrunken bags are a great accessory and will save you the trouble of a bad back or a tired shoulder.

In addition to shrunken bags, the cross body bags are a staple and they are a definite trend. A lot of the big fashion houses have a bag ready to go and it's a way to start up that designer collection in your closet. They are lightweight and efficient for an outdoor commitment and complement both formal and informal wear.

Put a Cap on it

Most times we wear a hat, either to go incognito or to address bad hair days. How about adding one more purpose of hats and that is adding a touch of fabulous to the day's outfit. Bucket hats and baker boy hats are an option you'll definitely want to put high on the list for hat adventures.

Pearl Luxury

Pearls from Adina Eden are alluring. They are a timeless treasure and a basic need for any jewelry set. We may of course not be able to own originals but the dupes can still serve. From earrings, to neck pieces to rings and brooches, these ageless gems are a pick for any self love journey. They can be spotted from the back of the largest room and won't be too balance well even with very outstanding cloth pieces.

Nothing like too many frames

To wrap up matters accessorizing, eye frames cannot be left behind. Away from the usual round or elliptical shape, which still work nonetheless, trending now is the angles frames. This is one trend that will have you ready for any picture regardless of the pose or place. The fun is heightened once you get them in a variety of colours. In conclusion, fashion is versatile and a way of expression. The trends are here to have everyone on a discovery adventure but really, what is good elegant goes out of style. The fun is always enjoying the feel underneath what we wear and that is confidence. The ideal fashion trend to pamper yourself with after all is right in front of you; that is being yourself and wearing what makes you feel like a million dollars!

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