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06 May, 2019

How to Care for your Pocket Watch

If you are the proud owner of a classic pocket watch, you will want to take good care of this classical time-piece, which is undoubtedly an investment that will appreciate over time. It doesn’t take much effort to keep a pocket watch in good order, and when you consider the long and colourful history that accompanies this marvel of engineering, those before you have taken equally good care of the antique time-piece, you owe it to yourself to continue to take the very best of care of your pocket watch.

❤ Micro-fibre Cloth – This is ideal for keeping the external case clean, and avoid using water, or any cleaning solutions, as this could cause damage to the delicate metal finish. Many fashionable gentlemen get antique pocket watches from Kalmar Antiques, who happen to be a leading antique dealer in Australia and they have a stunning collection of 18th and 19th century pocket watches.

❤ Daily Wind – Antique pocket watches are designed to be wound on a daily basis, while taking particular care not to overwind the watch, which can damage the delicate internal mechanism. Once you get into the habit, it will soon become second nature.

❤ Open Face Pocket Watches – Always wear an open-faced pocket watch with the dial facing inwards, as this protects the crystal, and never put any other item in the same pocket as the watch. Keys, lighters, or anything metal can cause damage to the fine finish of the watch.

❤ Covered Face Pocket Watches – The opening mechanism is very fragile, therefore, you should never use force when opening or closing the cover. The hinges are designed to open to a specific point and should never be pushed past this point, as this will damage the hinging and you could be looking at an expensive repair by a specialist.

Image Source: Unsplash

❤ Correct Storage – When not being worn, an antique pocket watch should be stored correctly. A soft cloth pouch or nice velvet box is suitable, and the watch should not be in contact with any other object. Padded jewellery boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that is the right size is never an issue, and if you have several pocket watches, a larger box with separate compartments works well. Transporting should involve bubble wrap, and the watch should not be in a place where it might be exposed to extreme temperatures.

❤ Watch Out For Perfumes and Deodorants – When dressing, make sure the pocket watch is the very last item you wear, and avoid direct exposure to fragrances or other body sprays, as there might be chemicals that will tarnish the delicate finish.

Image Source: Unsplash 

❤ Secure the Watch When Wearing it – Always make sure the pocket watch is securely fastened, and a drop to the floor could cause serious damage. Pocket watches are engineering marvels, and the delicate mechanism is not designed to withstand any force or pressure.

Many men have a passion for antique and vintage pocket watches, and if you would like to browse a stunning selection of pocket watches, the online antique dealer has an extensive catalogue of first-class time pieces from every era.

*Image Source for the first image: Unsplash

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