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22 May, 2019

Unusual Workout Routine For Women That Are Worth Trying

How often do you think outside the box when it comes to working out? 

While some people work out for the sake of it, others want to get more creative so that they get so drawn into the excitement of it that they forget, or better still relish the fact that they're doing exercise. From indoor surfing to metal yoga, it seems like there's a new class to try every week.

This article will be looking at fun new ways to stay fit while featuring some of the unusual workout routines for women that are worth trying. They are as outlined below:

1. Water walking
This experience entails being trapped inside a hamster ball that keeps spinning in the water. If you've ever fancied walking on water, then this bubble-like spheres can make your wish seem like a reality. The tricky part though is staying upright. To avoid falling, you'll need to engage your ab muscles to keep you moving actively. It's a lot of fun, plus a full body workout too.

2. Ganja yoga
Have you ever heard of cannabis-assisted yoga practice? The idea involves yogis coming together to smoke weed before engaging in their usual yoga practice which is later accompanied by music. However, this class is exclusive and isn't open to everyone.

Though Ganja yoga may seem quite controversial, participants have confessed to feeling more alert and focused while under the influence. If smoking weed isn't your thing, you might want to try other variations of yoga like hot yoga which helps calm and relax the body.

3. The gospel workout
This workout isn't as easy as you think. It involves high energy gospel tunes that'll have you sweating it out in your living room. Most exercises have squats and lunges as their foundation. In the gospel workout, the foundation is God, and this calorie-consuming routine begins with a prayer led by a fitness instructor.

Pre-workout regiments like supplements also help with performance, strength, and stamina while exercising. The powher review, which features energy-boosting ingredients to improve fitness exponentially is an option for women who want to improve their strength training during a long workout session.

4. Karaoke spin class
Dancing for fitness is so popular these days, for instance, Zumba and ballet workouts. If you're more into singing, you may want to check out the karaoke spin class which happens to be one of the latest fitness fusion trends. Workout participants claim that singing during their sessions helps them learn how to control their breathing such that the more intense the workout is, the less easily they can sing.

5. Skijoring
If you have a furry friend who wouldn't mind some exercise, then this is a good one for both of you. Skijoring is a fun bonding activity similar to dog-sledding. Your dog wears a harness and pulls you as you cross-country ski. Some clubs run competitive skijoring races, but if you are new to this winter sport, you'll prefer a few trails at a leisurely pace.

* * * 

The fitness world has seen some of the unique, innovative yet weird classes out there. It's more than just treadmills and weights nowadays. Though most routines seem fun to try, they've also proven to be very effective for women. So scroll through the above mentioned unusual workout routines, and you never know, you might find your new favorite way to sweat.

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