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05 July, 2019

FiSh's Diary: First Half of 2019

The title says it all. Here comes the end of June 2019 and it's self-reflection time. As much as I wanted to 'change for a better year', honestly life hasn't really changed much but my perception towards life has changed tremendously. 

Let's see how had the past 6 months been thus far...


It has been a quiet start for the year with minimal events, campaigns, work, etc. Back to singlehood, I literally just live by each day with lots of meet-ups with friends (long lost contacts, for instance) and enjoy every present moment.


It is a short month with a fortnight-long Chinese New Year celebration with family, ex-colleagues and friends. Again, this month calls for more gatherings / "reunions" / quick catch-ups with people around me. Happy to receive a stalk of flower on Valentine's Day from my all-time best friend.


The busy mundane routine starts catching up this month. But I manage to fit into the schedule a 3D2N solo trip to Penang and spend a long relaxing weekend in Jazz Hotel Penang. Honestly, I haven't done much stuff there because I start to value the priceless moment of doing nothing but just chilling and eating. I come home recharged and rejuvenated before the next trip.


Here comes the much awaited cherry blossom trip to Seoul. Spending 7D6N soul searching in Korea marks a huge milestone for me as I finally get to spend quality time with myself. It is my first visit to this culture-rich city and I must say, I love it! I miss chatting with the locals despite of the language barriers, I miss eating the street food despite of the strong spiciness, I miss exploring new places despite of relying only on Navers. Definitely looking forward to more opportunities of K-travel in future.

Here are some of my travelogues for Seoul:

The Sun, 18 April 2019.
Milestone achieved! Thank you The Sun for the interview and a full-page coverage!


May kicks off with a 3D2N long weekend trip to Kuching. This town brings back all the fond memories I had during my Bario vacation in 2014 which at that time I didn't have much opportunity to explore Kuching.

Although I am only here for less than 72 hours this round, I am glad that this trip gives me some memorable times spent road tripping to Sarawak Cultural Village, watching Kuching Waterfront's Darul Hana Musical Fountain, enjoying Sarawakian ethnic food in Le Pau and street art hunting around the town.


June is probably the month that upsets me the most so far. But it is also a month of rebuilding my mental strength and embarking on a renewed fitness journey. I learn not to rely too much on other emotionally - remember, happiness is owned and created by yourself, not anyone else. At least I start picking up new activities that I can do alone such as flycycling, boxing, etc.

It ends well with a 4D3N beach vacay to Phuket where I stay far north of the island at Khao Lak, Phang-nga Island. Pristine beaches, brilliant blue skies, glittering waters; How can I not fall in love with them over and over again?


Someone has recently asked me, "Have you ever thought what exactly do you want in life?" Well, we all want perfect life, don't we? Happy jobs. Healthy relationships. Good money. And the list goes on.... 

The right question to ask is actually "How much pain / hardship can you endure in order to get what you want in life?" Because only with the right amount of effort and sacrifice, you'll reach a point that satisfies you. If you are unwilling to put in hard work, then a dream remains a dream -- nothing will turn into reality.

Frankly, I have been feeling 'stuck' lately and feel the urge of pushing through changes in various aspects of life because 2020 is only 6 months away. During these low points, I know I have to put in more courage to push myself out of comfort zone and stop resisting change within myself, but my emotions stop me from doing so. It takes me a while to undergo these low points and currently, I am happy that I am healing slowly but surely :) 

Hopefully, 2019 will turn me into a stronger person.
Let's pray for a better 2019 in the next 6 months!

x, FiSh. 

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