12 July, 2012

Rewards2Go, a whole Credit Card Privileges Directory

I always thought credit card is an adult toy, but now I can haz it too! I have recently gotten my very first credit card in life, and the first thing that came into my mind is: SHOPPING

Well, shopping is synonymous to "Spending Money", and there go the discount coupons and privileges which come in handy. But can you imagine how many hours you spend to cut out each and every coupon while hunting for the item / shop you want? Ah, eventually I'd just give up and spend a few ringgits more on the stuff. 

While credit card providers are smarter nowadays, they actually provide us a catalogue with all the privileges we can enjoy but I can't possibly memorize each and every outlet! 

But... As a student, I don't have a fixed income, so I'm very taken with the special offers & discounts. I can use the card, earn points, and enjoy discounts and privileges at the same time, so why not? 

This is called, saving money while spending. lol.

So I need help from this latest iApps, Rewards2Go!

Newly introduced in 7 July 2012, Rewards2Go allows you to instantly discover your credit card privileges at the convenience of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Search, find and bookmark your favourite deals when you are out and about.

What's So Good About Rewards2Go?

#1 It is the first free consolidated credit card privileges directory app in Malaysia.

The first (Probably the BEST) point: Rewards2Go is a FREE apps
so quickly download it from  AppStore by searching "Rewards2Go"!
Make sure you see the above page.

#2 It is very user-friendly, so simple and I can access it through few clicks! 

The Bank and Credit Cards are arranged so orderly so I'm sure I wouldn't get wrong when searching the best deals. The offers are constantly updated, so don't worry about the deal being expired or so.

#3 Easily search via categories.

As you can see from my blog, my topic is always about FOOD, 
so how can I miss this part of hunting for the best, most affordable food? 

 #4 Direct search saves time.

If you have already something in mind, then just key in the name of the merchant. 
Oh it seems like I gonna drag Daddy to La Gomera for a Buy 1 Free 1 Buffet! :D
#5 I can view each offer in detail.

Not only I can see what's being offered, 
I can even view which banks are offering the same item!

 #6 See what's in trend!

Spot an icon "Hot Deals" at the bottom left corner? 
It shows the most popular deals ranging from food, hotel to fashion! 

 #7 Bookmark Offers and Cards for quick and easy access.

When I'm interested in the offers and want to keep them in view,
I simply need to bookmark it into my "Favourites" folder, and access to it anytime I need.

"To do something big, start with something small."

Thanks to Rewards2Go, I'm now very determined to save as many pennies as possible to get myself more shopping haul! Start sharing this apps with your friends and family if you find it useful too! :)

For more information, head to www.ai.my/rewards2go.php
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