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25 July, 2019

Going Somewhere? Read Here To Pack With Ease

If you’ve ever had to sit in your bag to force it shut or ended up wearing 7 pair of trousers, 5 jumpers and two jackets to avoid paying extra baggage fees, get in line, you’re just like the rest of us who have trouble packing. With airlines nowadays restricting the limit of baggage allowed on flight, it is becoming a tedious task to pack.

Here are some packing tips to help make your life easier and put the hassle of packing behind your back:

Always make a list

It sounds nerdy and a little overboard, but when you’re a thousand miles away and realized you’ve packed no underwear, you’ll be glad you made that list! Take out your phone and write a list of all the things you need and intend on taking. Once you’ve actually seen how long that list is, you’ll start eliminating the duplicates. The list also comes in handy to double check that you’ve packed all the things you’ve planned.

Packing cube

If you hate unpacking when reaching your destination, but also have struggle finding your things, using packing cubes could possibly be the packing hack of the century. Don’t worry about hanging and organizing, all you have to do is couple the packing cubes set together to transform it into a hanging dresser that can be attached to a wall or a door hook. No more screams from your travelling buddy having a go at you for making a mess five minutes in. The packing cube also allows you to stay organized and flattens out your clothes, leaving more space for you to go shopping on your trip.


Transforming every item in your suitcase into a sausage roll is seriously a game changer. You’ll be surprised at the amount of space you’ve created, just by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

Do not pack in your bag straight away

Place all your items on your bed or on the floor before you start packing. Divide them into outfits and occasions. If you’ve found that you’ve taken more outfits than the days of your travel, then you’re definitely over-packing. That’s when it’s time to reduce the items taken, especially given the fact that outfits can be matched together to create various options.

Wear your thickest jacket on the plane

To save space, choose the items that weigh the most or take up the most room and keep them aside to be worn on the day of travel. Your fleece coat is bound to weigh a tonne, for example, and therefore could be the item chosen for travelling. Wrapping a thick hoodie around your waist isn’t a bad idea either. If the weather isn’t cold in the country of origin, you can hang it on the handle of your bag and safely store it in the overhead compartment on the plane. Stay away from wearing boots while travelling though, or you’ll be stopped at security checks and will be required to have them removed, checked thoroughly and then put them back on.

Place your liquids in a transparent plastic bag

Make sure you buy travel sized everything: Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. Not only do they take up less space, but that’s the only way you’ll be able to fit them into the transparent ziplock that you’re allowed on the plane. Unless you’ll be leaving it in your checked-in luggage, then it is crucial to secure the bag and store it carefully to prevent any liquids from leaking and ruining everything in your bag.

While packing is usually one of the worst parts of travelling, with these travelling hacks, it’s bound to be a breeze. Your packing nightmares will be over, so sit back, relax and enjoy your trip because you’re about to be a pro-packer. And don’t forget to double check that list you made in the very beginning. Happy travels!

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