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03 September, 2019

Designer Silver Jewellery - Where? What? Why?

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Many people prefer silver jewellery over gold jewellery for a number of reasons. The reasons may boil down to personal taste, budget or even the occasion but one thing is for certain, silver jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of clothing for an equally wide array of events or occasions. As an added bonus, silver jewellery, particularly designer silver jewellery, can actually bring a good return on investment for collectors with any eye for quality pieces.

Timeless Appeal

As previously mentioned, the events or occasions where one can wear silver jewellery are limitless. In fact, designer silver jewellery is seen as more of a fashion statement than gold jewellery as it is understated, elegant and timeless in appeal for women of all ages.

Buying designer silver jewellery for a special occasion may take a bit more effort than simply heading down to the high street on a Saturday afternoon, unless of course you know a specific jeweller who offers you an extensive choice. For many people, the internet is a great place to both look for inspiration and ideas, and many high-end jewellers and silversmiths now operate an online shop as well as a physical shop.

Finding The Right Designer Silver Jewellery Specialist

The explosion of online shopping has opened up a new world of opportunity for both traders and customers and although this is welcome in most quarters, care must still be taken to ensure your jewellery specialist is capable of supplying what they claim. You will need to do your due diligence before buying online by carrying out the following checks:
  • How Long Have They Been In Business? This is not necessarily a reason to discount a jewellery business that has been operating for a relatively short time period. Many jewellery businesses start as a result of an experienced jeweller leaving a company and starting up on their own.

Image Source: Pexels
  • Do They Have A Physical Address? This is an area that many people may overlook when shopping online, anyone can set up a website so make sure your chosen company actually has a physical and verifiable address.

Image Source: Pexels 
  • How’s Their Social Media Presence? Do they have a social media profile? This may not be something that the older, more traditional jewellers may partake in but if your chosen suppliers have a Facebook page you should check it. Customers often leave reviews, so you can make an informed choice as to whether to use them or not. Social media is also a good platform to question the company directly before you commit to any purchase.

Investing in high quality silver designer jewellery can bring a healthy return providing you buy wisely. Your scrutiny does not end on knowing your jeweller. Another thing you have to look into should be the pricing.


When you have identified a suitable specialist, it’s time to look at the pricing. Most reputable designer jewellery specialists will probably charge a more or less similar price to most other recognised jewellery specialists. If the price is too low or too high in comparison you may need to perform further checks as to why this is.

Now that you know the basics silver jewellery, you will be able to find one that would suit you most and something that would be worth every penny.

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