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19 September, 2019

Taiwan Medical Travel: How Does Taiwan Healthcare Technology Help You?

Hello, Taiwan! 

I guess Taiwan is a popular travel destination among Malaysians, but do you know that apart from fun and leisure purposes, Taiwan is a popular option for professional medical treatments too?

So I have recently attended the Taiwan Healthcare Technology Introduction and Patient Sharing Session organized by Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan and TAITRA to explore how Taiwan medical care helps patients from all walks of life.

Little did I know, back in 2000, Taiwan has already been well-recognised at the global arena for its high quality, advanced technology, professionalism and affordable pricing. In fact, the cost of medical treatment in Taiwan is typically 1/5 of comparable services in Europe and the USA – How wallet-friendly it is!

We are lucky at this session because we get to meet 4 experienced medical experts from Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (长庚纪念医院) (CGMH) who came all the way to Malaysia to share with us the latest breakthroughs in medical technologies and techniques, and success stories of Malaysian patients who have recovered after experiencing medical treatments in Taiwan.

The specialists include Prof. Lu Sheng Nan, the Vice Dean of CGMH, Chiayi; Prof. Liu Hui Ping, Chief of Dept. of Cardiothoracic surgery, CGMH, Linkou; Dr. Wang Chun Chieh, Vice Chief of Dep. of Proton and Radiation Therapy Center CGMH, Linkou; and Dr. Huang Eng Yen, Chief of Dep. of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, CGMH, Kaohsiung.

Opening speech by Prof. Lu Sheng Nan, the Vice Dean of CGMH, Chiayi (嘉義長庚醫院副院長盧勝男教授)

As one of the most prestigious hospitals in Taiwan, CGMH now has 9 acute care hospitals with over 10,000 beds, making it one of the largest in the world. Today, approximately one-third of Taiwan's population has sought for medical services at CGMH.

Fun fact! The number of Malaysians seeking treatment in CGMH has been steadily increasing over the years too. Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of cancer patients after Southeast Asia’s first proton treatment center was established here in CGMH.

Prof. Liu Hui Ping, Chief of Dept. of Cardiothoracic surgery, CGMH (林口長庚胸腔外科主治醫師劉會平教授) is explaining CGMH’s specialty treatments such as proton treatment for cancer, umbilical cord blood and liver transplants.

Do you know that Taiwan has achieved excellent outcomes in cancer treatment for the past 30 years? It is reflected in the 5-year survival rate of up to 73% (as compared to 67% in Europe and USA). With precise cancer treatment strategy and adoption of NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines, Taiwan offers the most advanced and personalised medical service for cancer care.

After watching some videos of experience sharing by Malaysian patients, the floor is opened for questions. Here we get to hear more from the invited panel of medical professionals who share their invaluable insights on various medical areas.

Dr. Wang Chun Chieh, Vice Chief of Dep. of Proton and Radiation Therapy Center CGMH (林口長庚放射腫瘤科副主任王俊傑) replies to the audience’s question relating to cancer.

If you have any friends and family who need specialized medical care, Taiwan may be one of the better options you can consider. Please feel free to reach out to the Taiwan Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur anytime for more information.

Don’t forget to spread the love so that more people can have access
to affordable yet high quality medical care in Taiwan!

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