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29 September, 2019

Universal Orlando Tickets

It’s everyone’s dream to visit Universal Orlando Park one day, whether they’re kids or adults. This is the place where they get to see their favorite settings from fictional stories in front of their eyes. However, the only thing that tends to hold people back is that they don’t know much about tickets, discounts, and when it’s best to buy them.

Types of Tickets
The first thing you need to know about is that there are 4 kinds of tickets that you can choose from. There are tickets that give you access to enter different parks and other ones that are only for one park. These two tickets come in two versions. One for Florida residents and the other two are for any outsiders. Whether you’re a resident in Florida or not, you still need to know how many days you will be visiting the park. 

The tickets range between 1-5-day tickets for non-residents, while residents have 1-3-day tickets. Prices may vary of course, for instance, you will find that the 5-day ticket is more expensive than the 2-day ticket. You will also find that the tickets for kids are cheaper than the adult ones. Except, when it comes to certain attractions where the price is the same for both kids and adults.

You might be thinking about how expensive the prices are, and you’re right. But, because the prices are that high there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to get discounts or bonus features. For instance, did you know that if you buy tickets through American Express you can get a free pass to the lounge next to Shrek’s meet and greet. 

You can sit in the air-conditioned space to take a break from walking and the hot weather. You also gain access to chips, water, and granola bars. There are also websites that offer tickets for special events in the park. The universal orlando tickets at give you access to a lot of theme parks; as well as information about them. If you are interested in discounts there are plenty of sites that you can check. They allow you to purchase your tickets with the discount and they email it to you directly.

When to book them?
You might be tempted to visit the park during the holidays or during special seasons, but these are the exact periods that you want to avoid. Almost everyone targets the park during these times in the year, which makes the place overly crowded and not as enjoyable. You can also take advantage of the exchange rate and purchase tickets when the price is at its lowest.

With that being said, there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t look into buying those tickets. The only things that you need to check are your financials, hotels in Orlando, and how many days you will be spending there. Make sure to save up for your trip and to visit websites that offer discounts. Now, go ahead and surprise your family or friends with tickets to the park.

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