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04 November, 2019

Top Trending Sweaters In Japan & Worldwide

If you are looking for some sweaters for your loved one, you can easily choose a virgin killer sweater. This sweater has become a fashion symbol since 2017 in Japan and now many different versions of this sweater is available in the market.

But the most trending sweaters are still the backless sweaters. One of the best trending sweaters in Japan is the virgin killer sweaters that are now worldwide famous brands. Girls from all over the world are now wearing these Japanese fashion trends because of many reasons.

It looks more adorable and different from other traditional dress but this dress is not used for many occasions, for example you can't  wear a virgin killer sweater for a cold night outdoor party because of its open back and also open sides.

So if you think you can wear this dress and don't feel cold then you are totally wrong. If you are going to wear this dress in a party then you must have a spare dress to warm up your cold body.

With its sharing on Twitter, it becomes a trend then many different models in Japan used these sweaters as brands and become Japan's most famous killer brands. It is also famous because of many other reasons.

This sweater is totally different from old sweater that you used for your regular use; you can wear it as fashion dress for parties. These virgin killer sweaters become Twitter's trend in Japan back in 2017 when a Japanese actress shared her picture wearing a virgin killer sweater.

That tweet got more than 50,000 shares and retweet after that these sweaters become a symbol of fashion all over the world. But there are many things that you need to consider before buying a sweater for yourselves: 

Neck Size
- Neck size of the sweater matters a lot. It cannot fit you well if you don't choose a proper size, so check your neck size properly before buying it online.

Side Open
- The sweater also has open sides so you can face some problems if you cannot measure your belly size properly. Sometimes we order without any proper measurements, so please avoid that. 

Back Open
- As the sweater is also open from the back (so you can call it backless sweater), the measurement of the open back also plays an important role in the sweater.

These are the main points that you need to measure before ordering a sweater for yourselves or your loved ones. Although these sweaters are not meant to keep you warm, but they are iconic fashion trends all over the world that you should own at least one. 

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