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17 February, 2020

Looking Forward to Vivo’s Prospect

At the recent vivo annual meeting, Shen Wei, the founder of vivo has delivered a speech – “The Original Intention of vivo”. To sum up the overall work in 2019, Shen Wei also published his vision towards the future of vivo’s 5G and has announced that vivo planned to break into the European Market in 2020.

While in the year of 2019, vivo has insisted to heavily invest in overseas market which resulted as overseas sales has exceeded the domestic sales on the latest month, India’s offline market share has managed to achieve the highest ranking among the offline markets. However, South Asia, Middle East, Russia and Asia-Pacific region has been progressing steadily and gradually, while Indonesia and Southeast Asian market has grown rapidly.

Shen Wei has once again emphasised on vivo’s internationalisation strategy – “More Local, More Global” during his speech in the annual meeting. While reflecting on the past year and looking forward towards the future, Shen Wei also believes that in the future, vivo should “remain committed to the original intention and continue with the entrepreneurial road”.

At the end of Shen Wei’s speech, although the Chinese market has encountered certain challenges in 2019, however, vivo believes that as long as it return to the original intention of the subculture, returning to do the right thing and get things on the right track, maintain confidence strategic while resisting all temptations and disturbance, and adhere to consumer-driven and design-driven while developing products.

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