14 March, 2020

I Say Yatta: Japanese-inspired Sushi Burgers & Rice Bowl @ Central i-City, Shah Alam

Malaysia's first Japanese-inspired Sushi Burgers are here! 

Guess what brings me here to Central i-City, Shah Alam today? It is the much hyped Sushi Burger & Rice Bowl restaurant named "I Say Yatta"! I have heard about it from my friends that they are having opening promotion now so I am here to check out this cute, funky outlet. 

Yatta (やった) is a Japanese short form for "yarimashita" which translates to "(I/We) did it!" I think this name is very catchy as it brings a meaningful interpretation of success and great happiness. 

The outlet is very easily noticeable from the exit to B1 parking. Moreover, there are plenty of neon signs and banners in the shop so it is difficult to miss such eye-catching decors. 

Interior wise, it is very bright and comfortable, with plenty of individual and group seating.
Very family friendly too.

What are I Say Yatta's MUST-TRY items?

I Say Yatta offers unique Japanese-inspired food such as Rice Bowl, Rice Burgers, Snacks and Drinks. All the 10 types of Rice Bowls are priced affordably, ranging from RM11.90 to RM15.90, including:

❤ Signature Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl (Must try!)
❤ Yoshi’s Chicken Bowl
❤ Salted Egg Chicken Karaage Bowl
❤ Japanese Chicken Curry Katsu Bowl
❤ Katsu Chicken Bowl
❤ Aburi Beef Yakiniku Bowl
❤ Salmon Aburi Bowl
❤ Salmon Poke Bowl (Must try!)
❤ Char-Grilled Beef Onsen Bowl 
❤ Char-Grilled Chicken Onsen Bowl 

Yoshi’s Chicken Bowl @ RM15.90

For a try, we opt for the Yoshi's Chicken Bowl which is a combination of crisp karaage chicken drenched in tangy soy sauce, scrambled egg, fresh vegetable and sushi rice. I must say, the rice bowl here is very sizeable and I can't even finish a full bowl on my own. 

Salted Egg Chicken Karaage Bowl @ RM15.90

As I prefer something more savoury, I choose the chicken karaage bowl with salted egg and soy sauce instead. The flavours of salted egg in this rice bowl really stand out, making this warm bowl of rice so satisfying especially when the rice is well-drenched in special savoury sauce. 

Look at the size of each piece of karaage chicken in the rice bowl!
So huge and definitely fills the empty stomach well.

Another unique offering at I Say Yatta that we try is the Rice Burgers, which are available in 3 flavours:
❤ Crispy Soft Shell Crab
❤ Teriyaki Chicken
❤ Spicy Mayo Salmon

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger @ RM10.90

The huge, thick slab of Teriyaki Chicken is layered between sushi rice, and wrapped in a seaweed sheet. This is literally a gigantic piece of onigiri that is good to go as a quick meal for small eaters or a snack for the hungry ones. 

Spicy Mayo Salmon Rice Burger @ RM14.90

I personally prefer the Spicy Mayo Salmon because of its tangy flavours with hints of spiciness in every bite on the palate. But be careful, as this can be a little messy when you eat :P 

Look at the generous amount of chunky salmon drenched in sweet and sour sauce - I love it!

Sides / Snacks: Cheesy Tofu and Crispy Chicken Karaage

As for the sides, we have some cheesy tofu in sweet sauce and ultra crisp chicken karaage to go with our soft drinks. However, if you prefer more fancy beverages, feel free to try their Pearl Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fury, Winter Melon Rocksalt Cheese and Milo Dinosaur.

I Say Yatta Promo
Don't miss out the current promotions at I Say Yatta!

#1. Double Value (BUY 1 FREE 1)
For any purchase of Chicken Rice Bowl, enjoy BUY 1 FREE 1 on any Chicken Rice Bowl.

#2. Top Up RM2 for Sides + Drinks
For any purchase of Rice Bowl / Rice Burger, get one side + drink at only RM2.

Just top up RM2 for 1 Side (Chicken Karaage / Fries / Cheesy Tofu) +
1 Drink (Coke / Sprite / Iced Lemon Tea / Minute Maid / Mineral Water)!

Visit I Say Yatta now for a satisfying meal of rice bowl and rice burger with Japanese flair!

I Say Yatta
Lot LG-17, Central i-City,
No. 1, Persiaran Multimedia,
Seksyen 7, Jalan Plumbum 7/102,
I-City, 40000 Shah Alam,

Facebook: fb.com/isayyattamy
Instagram: @isayyattamy

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm daily
Waze to Central i-City: https://waze.com/ul/hw281mm8eg

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