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09 April, 2020

Vivo Care: Ways to Disinfect Your Device During Covid-19

The world is currently facing a situation of uncertainty and a critical circumstance due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. “Stay home, wash hands, maintain social distancing”, we have all heard this from different social platforms these days, urging people to practice these simple steps to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent infections.

Washing your hands the right way can help keep you and your loved ones from transmitting the virus, but what about when it comes to your daily items, such as your phone? In our generation today, we have all gotten used to spending most of our time on phones; we take our phones everywhere, and we are constantly touching them. Chances are you might already wash your hands when you return home, but then your phone would still be contaminated, as you have yet to clean it.

Studies have found that Covid-19 is still able to survive on certain surfaces for up to (and maybe even longer than) nine days – and that includes our beloved phone. The good news is that this circumstance can be avoided by disinfecting your electronic device, which has officially become easier with just a few simple steps.

Long-established and leading technology company, vivo Malaysia advises that one can safely clean their smartphones with disinfectant wipes in order to keep the virus off the phone without ruining it. Here are the simplest ways to disinfect your phones as well as clean off fingerprint smudges from the surface.

1. Polish with a microfiber cloth

Gently wipe the exterior of your phone with a clean microfiber cloth to get rid of smudges and crud. Although microfiber cloth is not technically a disinfectant, it is effective in removing germs and bacteria from the surface of your phone.

2. Disinfect your phone with wipes

Some may think that devices cannot be cleaned thoroughly with a microfiber cloth or feel unsafe if only using it to polish the phone – instead, you may use disinfectant wipes to sanitize your device. However, there are times when the wipe is excessively wet, you will have to wring it out first, then gently wipe down every surface of your phone while avoiding the ports.

3. Reach for a clean paper towel

Despite most of the smartphones in the market today claiming they are water-resistant, it does not mean that it can be completely waterproof, as water-resistant here means that it is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

Hence, after cleaning your phone with disinfectant wipes, you will have to wipe away the leftover moisture from your device with a clean paper towel.

We hope these basic steps will help you to keep away from virus infections, and make sure that you sanitize regularly especially during this critical period. And, most importantly, continue to wash your hands when you interact with others or touch any surfaces such as your phone. Disinfect your personal spaces and office space, too. Practicing good hygiene is one of the best defenses against most illnesses like Covid-19.

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