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30 July, 2020

Wake up Glowing: 5 Beauty Sleep Tips

Taking a look at yourself first thing in the morning can sometimes be a bit of a shock. From messy bed hair to dark under-eye bags, getting ready for the day ahead can sometimes be made more difficult by a lack of beauty sleep.

While getting the sleep and rest you need is essential for your overall health and wellbeing, beauty sleep can make all the difference in how you look and feel throughout each day. But, don’t despair!

We have put together these top 5 beauty sleep tips that will help you to wake up glowing each morning.

Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase
For many people, the most comfortable position they can sleep in is lying on their tummy. If you are one of these people, then you may need to invest in a silk pillowcase. This is because while sleeping on your stomach may make for a comfortable night’s sleep, it could be the cause of frizzy bed hair and skin crinkles.

As you toss and turn throughout the night, you are causing extra friction. But when sleeping on a silk pillowcase, the soft material does less damage to your skin and leaves you with a fresher feeling in the morning.

Using FOREO LUNA play plus facial brush with face cleanser
Always Remove Your Makeup Before Bed
If you have had a busy day at work or have just come home from a night socializing with friends, the last thing you feel like doing is taking your makeup off before climbing into bed. However, not removing your make up can cause your skin to age up to seven times faster - and nobody wants that!

Therefore, we recommend that to get the ultimate beauty sleep that will keep you looking younger for longer, you must always remove your makeup before bed. This will help keep your skin clear and give it a natural glow when you wake up in the morning.

Create a Relaxing Sleep Environment
You can guarantee that you won’t wake up glowing in the morning if you don’t get the best quality rest that you need throughout the night. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to create a relaxing sleep environment that is conducive to a long and peaceful night’s rest.

There are many different ways to create a relaxing sleep environment from making your bedroom a device-free zone after a certain time to ensuring that you keep the temperature cool and not too warm. You should also ensure that you have a good quality mattress and bed that suit your needs. There are several good adjustable bed options that can offer you the support and comfort that you require.

Have a Nighttime Skincare Routine
While it is important that you take off your make up before you go to sleep at night, you should also have a nighttime skincare routine in place to give your skin the nutrients and boost it needs. By having a range of skincare products in place, such as cleansers, toners, and the perfect night cream, you can wake up to well-cared-for with hydrated skin each morning. Even though establishing the right skincare routine can be hard at first, once you have found the products that are right for you, you will wake up with naturally glowing skin.

Hydrate Before Bed
While downing pints of water before you head to bed can cause disrupted rest during the night, eating water-rich vegetables will help to keep you hydrated while you sleep. Structured water in some vegetables and nuts slowly release hydration, which means they are the perfect addition to your evening meal.

By making a few changes to your lifestyle, sleeping environment, and skincare practices, you can wake up with glowing skin and feel ready for the day ahead.

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