03 August, 2020

[REVIEW] BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care Series (with Discount + FREE Gift!)

Welcome back to my self-care routine series -- it's all about HAIR this August! 

As I always dye my hair every couple of months, I am very particular in the hair care products I use. When I heard about BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care series, I am tempted to try because of its natural formula to soothe stressed scalp and leave the scalp clean.

BEYOND is a Korean hair care brand available in THE FACE SHOP physical and online stores. They are having special promotion this month:

15% OFF on BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care products &
25% OFF on any BEYOND hair care and body care products. 

Promo period: 1 Aug - 31 Aug 2020 

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Given this good deal, let's try out BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care series! 

BEYOND Deep Clean Cooling Shampoo (450ml)

This shampoo is effective in cleansing away the excess keratin, dandruff and other impurities from the scalp. I love how this eco-friendly shampoo contains no silicone and is made from 2 key natural ingredients: 

(1) Herbal ingredients (chamomile, rosemary and tea tree):
❤ To relieve itchy scalp by supplying moisture and nutrients
(2) Fruit-derived natural AHA ingredients (bilberry and orange):
❤ To balance the scalp water content and keep it moist 

After shampooing, it leaves the hair and scalp with a fresh and cooling sensation. Best paired with BEYOND Deep Clean Cooling Conditioner

BEYOND Deep Clean Cooling Scaler (100ml)

I have never used hair scaler at home, until I realise how important it is in order to maintain scalp health. This cooling scaler is certainly worth trying as it contains natural plant scrub ingredient called Lygodii Spora, which helps scaling to the fine parts of the scalp. It removes waste substances and keratin from the scalp with external stimuli and sebum secretion. 

How to use: Apply on dry scalp before shampoo, massage in and leave for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off. 

Upon application, it gives a cool minty sensation to the scalp instantly. After using it for a week now, the scalp feels less itchy and oily. It feels great to get rid of the old dead skin cells which have long been accumulated on my scalp. 

Make sure it is well-massaged onto the scalp ya!

BEYOND Deep Cooling Hair Care is good for its 2-in-1 anti-dandruff and moisturising effects with no silicone, artificial colorants etc. 

Recommended for those who have issues with dandruff and dead skin cells. If you don't like the strong irritating formula from the specialised scalp scaling program, this is ideal for you.

All the products featured in this post are available at THE FACE SHOP outlets and online store.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
Website: www.thefaceshop.my
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: www.thefaceshop.com.my

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