25 February, 2021

How to Choose the Best Air Tumble Mat?

Do you like how to play fun sports and outdoor activities?

If you love gymnastics, cheerleading or martial arts, then here is something recommended for you. Recently I have come across Tumblemat when I was researching on getting a good air tumble mat for my niece.

I have seen many vendors providing air tumbling mat but those with good quality ones are not easy to find. It is frustrating to spend money on poor quality products and those mats just end up breaking apart after using for some time. Unlike other vendors, Tumblemat is one of the world’s largest suppliers in producing air tumble mat which has several years of extensive experience.

From its website, I saw such a huge variety of air tumble tracks in different types, thickness and sizes. Most importantly, the quality here seems to be well assured by the company. It is mentioned on their website that they have developed the best quality air tumble mat - durable and safe for use after many hundred rounds of testing.

The material used to produce the air tumble track is a very strong material called Double Wall Fabric (DWF), consisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2). This material is widely used for inflatable boat production. Then it is handmade by industry specialists and has undergone a well-round and strict quality control.

For example, pressure test is conducted in the factory by inflating the tumble track for 16 hours to ensure airtight seals before shipping to the customers. Not only that, they also offer after-sale services to guide customers on how to use an air tumble track properly.
How to choose a suitable air tumble track?

The thinnest air tumble track available here is 10cm, which is the most ideal tumble mat for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports, as it provides good bounciness and stability for training purposes.

As for 20cm thick air tumble track, it is more suitable for medium and advanced athletes. It is bouncier than the 10cm type but less bouncy than the 30cm type, yet it is soft and great for flipping or tumbling practice.

The thickest air tumble track which is 30cm, is the most versatile and bounciest air track. Ideal for slow and easy bounce. Functionality wise, don't worry about it because I'm sure you can pick something that meets your needs.
Color wise, it is entirely up to you! Black tumble mat is among the top ten best-selling colors here, but you can also choose red, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc. But again, it is fully customisable according to your requirements. How nice it is!

Hope you find this article useful and enjoy shopping for your air tumble track!

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