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30 April, 2021

[FOOD] Ramadhan Special: Ikan Bakar @ The Manhattan Fish Market

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is around the corner, and guess how are we celebrating it
at The Manhattan Fish Market

We love travelling and tasting food from around the world, how we'd wish to be able to travel overseas again soon! Given the current situation, Manhattan Fish Market is here to make our wish come true by bringing to us the flavours from the Middle East - Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar - with an added twist to suit the local Malaysian palate.

"Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar" features a whole seabass grilled to perfection and topped with Manhattan Fish Market's own secret recipe of Arabic spicy tomato sauce that is sure to tantalise our palate. 

The menu comes in different sets to feed up to 5 pax. Now available at all outlets in Malaysia for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar

Truly a feast for fish lovers. Unlike many Ikan Bakar out there, Manhattan Fish Market's version is able to retain its juicy flesh while the smoky flavour is so prominent in every bite. Add a zest of lime and a dollop of spicy tomato sauce, and voila~ it is good to go with a warm bowl of garlic herb rice. 

If you are here just for thes spicy savoury Ikan Bakar, here's a value set menu for you: 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Duo (for 2 pax)
(RM59.90 per set / Only RM29.95 per pax)

❤ 1 Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 2 Garlic Herb Rice

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar with Flaming Lobster Set (for 5 pax)
(RM288.90 per set / Only RM57.78 per pax!)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 1 x Grilled Flaming Lobster
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 4 x Chowder of the Day 
❤ 4 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 2 x Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Fistikli Baklava

The more, the merrier! If you feel like enjoying more varieties of food, then try the Ikan Bakar with Flaming Lobster. I am excited to try out the Flaming Lobster already! 

For any Flaming Platter you order, you get to enjoy the live flaming session at your table!

This set is totally worth the value, as it includes a huge fresh lobster with hand-battered seafood and mussels on a bed of rice. Not forgetting to mention that the accompanying dishes such as the chowder, rice, beverage and dessert are very well-portioned too. 

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Fistikli Baklava

One thing worth mentioning is the dessert which is infused with Middle Eastern flavours. The crunchy pieces of Turkish layered pastry which is rich in nuts and honey flavours, when enjoyed with vanilla ice cream, is a perfectly sweet end note of the meal. One of my personal favourite here! 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Bersama-sama Set (for 4-5 pax)
(RM159.90 per set / Only RM31.98 per pax)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 1 Platter of Spicy Flaming Prawns, Fried Calamari and Volcano Mussels
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 4 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 4 x Chowder of the Day
❤ 2 x Vanilla Ice Cream with Fistikli Baklava

If you prefer a more affordable set, Manhattan Fish Market has gotten you covered. Apart from getting to enjoy the delicious Ikan Bakar, you can share the flaming seafood platter with your friends and family too. 

My favourite seafood platter!

It comes with Manhattan Flaming Prawns, spicy mussels, hand-battered calamari and hot veggies,
on a bed of garlic herb rice. Definitely satisfying to the tummy! 

Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar Gembira Set (for 3-4 pax)
(RM119.90 per set / Only RM29.98 per pax)

❤ 1 x Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar (600g seabass)
❤ 2 x Garlic Herb Rice
❤ 1 Platter of Scallop Fish Chicken
❤ 3 x Strawberry Gembira beverages
❤ 3 x Chowder of the Day

Manhattan Fish Market has mixed and matched something for smaller group diners too. I find that this set is just perfect for those who are dining in a group of 3 or 4 as you get to savour the Ikan Bakar along with Manhattan Fish Market's all-time favourite seafood offerings. 

Don't forget to check out the menu for many more seafood too!

Let's feast beramai-ramai at The Manhattan Fish Market!

The Feisty Arabic Ikan Bakar is only available for a limited time, 
so do try it out before you miss it!

For more information, please visit:
Instagram: @MFMMy

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