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15 June, 2021

[REVIEW] Aromatherapy Experience with Plant Origins by Signature Market

Working from home everyday can be stressful sometimes, and I believe we need some personal space to relax and unwind. ❤ So with Plant Origins, I have transformed a little chillax corner in my room into my personal aromatherapy oasis! Thanks to their elegantly designed and portable essential oil diffuser, I can finally create a spa-like atmosphere in my very own room.

If you do not already know, Plant Origins by Signature Market is an eco-friendly brand that focuses on all-natural home and body care products that are safe and gentle for our skin. Plant Origins products are made with plant-based ingredients and natural fragrance; free from synthetic chemicals, SLS/SLES, bleach, synthetic fragrances and brightener. It definitely makes our home a healthier place to stay.

Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser (500ml)  

What caught my attention recently is this cute essential oil diffuser that allows us to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by filling the air with soothing scent of essential oil mist. Health wise, it helps to cleanse the air and bring us peace of mind and inner calm.  

Look at the sleek white exterior, so Insta-worthy right? It is perfectly discreet and has a 2-in-1 function of being both a diffuser and Bluetooth speaker! I love how relaxing it is to inhale my favourite scent with some relaxing tunes playing in background. 

Don't forget to add some essential oil for soul-comforting aroma and energy!

The diffuser can produce mist for up to 13 hours on a full tank of water and such "mist" neutralises dust, germs and other dirty air particles in the air. So, enjoy waking up with radiant, hydrated skin every morning! No more worries about having itchy eyes, cracked lips, dry skin, etc.  

At night, I prefer switching on the light (8 colours in total - Choose between full 7 colors cycle for first mode, and 1 fixed color for second mode), adjustable to dim or bright options based on my mood of the evening. The night light is pretty soothing and helps me to sleep better too.

Plant Origins Functional Kit - Energise (4 units)

❤ Plant Origins Refresh & Reset Essential Oil Blend (10ml) - cheerful, refreshing and citrusy
❤ Plant Origins Lemon Essential Oil (10ml) - tangy, vibrant and zesty
❤ Plant Origins Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil (10ml) - light, refreshing and citrusy
❤ Plant Origins Spearmint Essential Oil (10ml) - minty and fruity
PU Leather Pouch

To pair with my diffuser, I have handpicked some essential oils from Plant Origins' latest collection of Functional Kits & Starter Kits. They have recently introduced some brand new functional kits (Sleep, Calm, Energise, Purify) which combine different types of essential oils to cater for different needs, perfect for new aromatherapy users. Whereas the starter kits include diffuser and bodycare products for a more holistic aromatherapy enjoyment.  

Personally, I'd love to recharge my senses with Energise Functional Kit as I've been really tired lately. The 4 mini essential oils come in a sleek, travel-friendly pouch, so I can bring the good scents along wherever I go. 100% pure, and extracted from aromatic plant parts without any diluents. Rich in natural medicinal and aromatherapeutic properties too. 

Among them, my favourite work-enhancing essential oil is Refresh & Reset
a lively scent comprising a blend of sweet orange and refreshing eucalyptus
to help re-energise your mind and body.
Most of the time, I prefer adding 2-5 drops into the diffuser water tank, so the space is filled with rejuvenating aroma and energy. Alternatively, you can simply inhale it, apply to the skin with lotion or use in a bath tub. 

Plant Origins Personal Care Travel Kit

❤ Plant Origins Hair Shampoo (30ml)
❤ Plant Origins Conditioning Hair Mask (30ml)
❤ Plant Origins Body Wash (30ml)
❤ Plant Origins Hand Soap (30ml)

As for personal care, Plant Origins got us covered from head to toe. The travel kit contains 4 pieces of best-selling products in one set - each smells perfectly unique on its own, equally soothing and uplifting to the soul. 

Overall Verdict

It is a good way to enjoy a fully customisable aromatherapy experience at home with Plant Origins aromatherapy diffuser under soothing sounds and relaxing light settings, coupled with pure essential oils that bring me better sleep, healthier skin and more beautiful mind. 

Please feel free to check out Plant Origins products here: 

Diffusers: Click HERE
Functional Kits & Starter Kits: Click HERE
Personal Care: Click HERE

For more information about Plant Origins, please visit:
Instagram: @plant_origins
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