28 July, 2021

How to Accessorize a Dress

If you want to make a dress pop with style, you'll need to know how to accessorize with the appropriate pieces. You can't simply put on some jewelry and leave it there; there is a right and wrong way to accessorize. The following tips will show you how to make your dress appear more spectacular by finding the right way to make it more than it would be on its own. It’s not as hard as you might think.

Consider the Color

When it comes to accessorizing, the first thing to consider is the color of the dress itself. When you purchase a beautiful dress, you will have various shades to choose from, but don’t worry; it shouldn't matter what color you choose, as there will always be a way to accent it with the right accessories. So, choose the color you truly want, not the color you believe would be the simplest to add to.

Once you've decided on a dress, the next step is to choose the appropriate color accessories to go with it. It's ideal to go for a hue that's close to the dress's color but a bit darker or lighter. For example, if your dress is pale pink, pair it with a little darker pink jewelry, purse, or shoes. If you're wearing a dark blue dress, lighter blue accessories are a nice match.

If your dress is multicolored, choose one of the colors that jump out the most to you and match it with your accessories. This is why we say it doesn't matter what color you wear since there will always be something to add to the ensemble.

Consider the Cut

When it comes to adorning your dress, color is the most obvious – and possibly most essential – element to consider, but you must also consider the cut or shape. Wearing a necklace from Orocal with a U or V neck dress is excellent, particularly if the necklace hangs just over the top of the dress and has the same curve as the neckline.

If your gown has a high neck or a halter neck, avoid wearing a necklace if at all feasible. There is already a lot going on around the neckline, so anything more that attracts the attention would be much too much. Switch to a bracelet instead for this kind of cut – it will balance the top of the dress and make the ensemble much more appealing.

Consider the Occasion

It's not always about the appearance of the dress; sometimes, you need to think more about the occasion you’re wearing it to, and that’s what can influence the way you accessorize. Shoes are an excellent illustration of this. In some situations, flats and sandals will be completely fine, and sneakers may even look fantastic. Other times, even though more casual shoes look great with your dress, you'll need to wear something more formal.

In these circumstances, you can work backward to determine the kind of shoe you'll need to wear, starting with the occasion and then matching your outfit to the pair of shoes you've chosen.

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