01 February, 2022

9 Beach Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

What does the perfect beach wedding look like? You can picture it in your head, or you can take a look at these 9 beach wedding ideas. We've collected our top tips for pulling off a successful beach wedding ceremony and reception with ease, so scroll down to see if they will work for you!

When planning any outdoor event, it is important to consider whether the weather is going to cause any challenges. You should consider will your ceremony be taking place during the hottest part of the day? Will you need time for a make-up refresh? How will you and your guests stay hydrated?

Assuming that you have the above covered, let's look at some styling tips that will enhance your wedding.

The Dress
The most important aspect of a beach themed wedding is the dress. You should probably avoid dresses with long trains, and elaborate veils as a beach can get windy.

Keep your guests cool
A great way to keep your guests cool is to provide them with fans. They will also be a great reminder of the day.

Provide a shoe valet
Walking on a beach isn't easy in high-heels. Provide a space where your guests can either swap their shoes for flip flops or simply attend the ceremony in their bare feet.

A beach bouquet
Bouquets should be more casual and possibly smaller than you would usually choose, as they may flop in the wind; you could opt for something more fitting for a beach wedding like palm leaves or shells.

Palm leaf table markers
Palm leaves are a great idea for place markers. They will add a little tropical charm to your day and are budget-friendly - all you need is a marker and someone with good handwriting.

Sea inspired place settings
Are you inspired by the sea? Color-coordinated place settings could be your thing. If you love the look of natural driftwood, you could use it as a table number.

Take advantage of the local cuisine
Seafood is typically best when cooked and served locally. Offer your guests a taste of the sea to really set the scene for a beach-themed wedding.

Make an entrance
This is your chance to really make an entrance. You won't have too many opportunities to arrive by sea - this is your chance. Charter a pleasure cruiser for a luxurious arrival. You can even make a bold statement when it's time for the couple to leave - perhaps by speed boat?

A Ceremonial Backdrop
Get married with a view. If you choose to get married on the beach, you will likely have to use a backdrop. It's recommended that the backdrop is simple in design - this will help to ensure that it won't be damaged by any strong winds. However, if you choose not to use a backdrop, you should find a location offering a great view of the ocean.

If you are planning on getting married in the sand, keep in mind that most beach venues will have rules in place as they understandably want to preserve their pristine grounds.

These beach-themed wedding ideas are only a start - let your creativity free when it comes to planning, as you will only do this once.

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