08 March, 2022

Party Theme Ideas for Your Birthday Bash

Life seems to be going back to normal after two years of lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You have a big birthday coming up - perhaps your own or one for a family member - and you want to plan the most epic party ever. Where to start? There are many ways to celebrate a fun and creative theme - decor, props, lighting, and of course, costumes!

Check out our list of fantastic party ideas to throw the best bash of the year. 

Fantastic fantasy

This theme can incorporate anything, but the most popular fantasy-themed parties are HarryPotter, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel. There are plenty of characters to choose from, and many shops now have themed fancy dress outfits, making it that much easier to go all out and look the part. 

What could be better than dressing up as Lord Voldemort or Spiderman for your birthday? You can get really creative with this theme. Transform your home into Hogwarts, travel to Middle Earth, or join the Avengers for a magical birthday party you and your child won’t forget. 

Magnificent medieval

For the history lovers out there, travel back in time to brave knights, gorgeous gowns, and drinks out of goblets. Take this theme further with fun party decoration ideas such as novelty swords, dragon costumes, and banners to bring to life a sense of awe and wonder. Plus, what could be more fun than sword fights with your friends?

Stunning Seasons

Connect with nature by getting inspired by the four seasons. Taking any element of the seasons, get everybody to dress up as either spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

For spring and summer, include lots of flowers, bees, baby lambs, and even a beach theme. You can use decorations and costumes for winter and autumn, including snowflakes, Christmas, autumnal red leaves, and animals like hedgehogs.

Party Pirates

Ahoy, Me Maties! Grab a sword and pirate’s hat and climb aboard. Whether you want to channel Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, or your own style, a pirate-themed holiday is a fun fancy dress experience for those who love action and adventure. 

Depending on what materials you can get and your budget, you can transform your garden into a private’s ship or a desert island and create a map to hunt for lost treasure. You could even get someone to walk the plank!

Fabulous Fairies

There’s nothing more enchanting and beautiful than a fairy party out in the woods or garden. The more flowers and leaves there are, the better! Location is an essential part of this theme, as you want to create a sense of magic and a connection between fairy folk who live in the outdoor world.  Then get your magic juices flowing with decorations of butterflies, flowers, fairy dust, and even toadstools. Hanging fairy lights and bunting from nearby trees would look beautiful above the party table too. 

Most importantly, make sure everybody dresses up for the party. Ask guests to wear fairy wings and bring a magic wand. Or, for some party activity ideas, you could get creative and make a wand together.

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