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19 April, 2022

How to Travel Easy and Pre-book Your RTK Tests

Yay, can't believe after two years of this Covid-19 outbreak,
the Malaysia borders are finally open once again and we can all go travelling! 

But of course, there are more stringent requirements now for those who are traveling into Malaysia or out of Malaysia and back. I have been doing some research on the easiest and most affordable procedure on the current travel requirements, and I found eMedAsia!

eMedAsia is the one-stop centre for health, Covid and travel assistance!

eMedAsia is owned by HS Bio in partnership with Koperasi Persatuan Perubatan Malaysia (KOOP MMA), an investment vehicle for members of the Malaysian Medical Associations (MMA). MMA is the main representative body for registered medical practitioners in Malaysia.
With over 2,500 MOH recognised general practitioners (GPs) nationwide on board in eMedAsia, eMedAsia now offers services including:
❤ Professional RTK-Ag tests with results updated directly to MySejahtera
❤ PCR tests with results updated directly to MySejahtera
❤ Virtual Covid screening tests which are in compliance with Ministry of Health's requirement in partnership with CLEADOC
❤ Blood and diagnostics tests
❤ Covid Insurance (coming soon by end April)

You can download the CLEADOC app on App Store / Google Play Store
to make an appointment for the virtual Covid screening tests.

For booking the RTK tests at clinics, you can visit

With the Virtual Covid Screening Tests in partnership with CLEADOC, you can perform your RTK or PCR tests at anytime anywhere in your comfort zone, which means no more clinics or hospitals visits! And the results verified by medical doctors are updated directly to MySejahtera - how convenient is that! 

As for inbound travelers, on arrival, professional RTK tests or PCR tests are also available in the clinics nearby and not only in the airports as many have misunderstood.

Hence, you can prebook your on-arrival RTK Tests online at and enjoy the following benefits:

❤ Skip the long queue at the airport 
❤ Avoid crowds and minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure in the airport
❤ Arrange RTK or PCR Swabbing on site at your accommodation (hotel) or nearest clinic
❤ Easily available as there are over 2,000 registered members nationwide
❤ The services are affordable and convenient
❤ Direct updates on MySejahtera by the medical doctors/clinics (manual updates not required)
❤ Reliable, registered medical doctors recognised and approved by MoH & KOOP MMA 

Professional RTK-Ag performed at clinics only costs:

❤ RM90 for foreigners
❤ RM70 for Malaysian
Now we can travel into Malaysia or out of Malaysia in a safe and convenient manner!

For more information on the RTK tests for travelers, please visit: - for booking the RTK tests at clinics - for booking the on-arrival RTK Tests - checklist for travelers from outside coming in

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