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29 October, 2022

[REVIEW] PARROT NATURAL Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap: Now Available in Malaysia! 

I have heard about many botanical body care products in the market, but Parrot Natural from Thailand is definitely something new for us in Malaysia. ❤ 

Dubbed as “The Pride of Thais”, Parrot Botanical Soap is ranked No. 1 among all beauty soaps with its distinctive Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil. It delivers No.1 authentic Thai Botanicals freshness and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hoursThis is the secret recipe of Parrot Botanical that no one can ever imitate. 

With its uniqueness and quality standard, Parrot Botanical is guaranteed as Premium Products of Thailand 2016 in Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by Ministry of Industry. 

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

For the Botanical Bar Soap, it is available in various unique floral scents, in 3 sizes i.e. 55g, 70g and 105g. Among the popular ones I have here are of the small 55g size: 
❤ Thai Botanical & Herbs (Bestseller!) 
- Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove Oil and Citronella Oil 

❤ Thai White Jasmine 
- Skin pampering with Tamarind and pure sweet scent of Thai Jasmine 

❤ White Sakura 
- Gentle freshness with White Sakura for bright, natural pink skin tone

❤ White Thanaka 
- Refreshing sensation with bright, long-lasting fragrances 

❤ Sweet Pink Roses 
- Sweet romance with Pink Roses and Aloe Vera

My personal favourite is the Rosy Scent, because it exudes rosy sweetness and literally fills the air with romance. The soap lathers very well and the scent stays on me for long hours too. 

Another noteworthy scent is the popular Thai Botanical & Herbs which exudes unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove Oil and Citronella Oil. The scent is very distinctive, pleasant and soothing to the soul too. 

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream 
Personally, I prefer the more convenient packaging of shower cream in a pump bottle. Similarly, it comes in many types of distinctive floral scents. And the trio I have personally tried and recommend here include: 

❤ Thai Botanicals 
- Made of Parrot’s signature and rare Thai Botanicals scent
- For fresher skin and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours

❤ White Thanaka 
- For smooth radiance and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours

❤ White Sakura 
 - For nourishing benefits, brighter and natural pink skin tone, and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours
For the shower cream, it feels so smooth, creamy and luxurious upon application on the skin. Texture wise, it lathers very well so a little of the bottle can go a long way.  

I love how the signature Thai Botanicals shower cream seals the skin with moisture and freshness,
while leaving an unique Thai herb fragrance that lasts on the skin for many hours.
Check out my video review here!

Overall, Parrot Natural botanical shower cream and bar soap are highly recommended
for the wide range of distinctive scents that keep us refreshed and smell good all day long.

Where to buy:
All Malaysia hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores, mini market and also online at Shopee
For more information about Parrot Natural, please visit:
Instagram: @parrot.natural

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