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25 January, 2023

4 Tips on How to Increase Your Confidence in Your New Job Role

Starting a new job can be highly stressful and even more so if you lack self-confidence. You will likely be entering a new building filled with strange people, and you are likely to be nervous about the job itself, remembering peoples’ names, as well as having to deal with new procedures.

However, here are some ideas that could help you find your feet and even gain confidence in your new job role.

#1 Dress Comfortably

Dress code can be a real stressor for the first couple of days at a new place of work. You will not want to turn up overdressed, but then again, you do not want to be so casual that you raise eyebrows from your superiors. If you were lucky enough to have been given a tour of the premises, you will likely have been shown a window into what type of attire is acceptable. However, if you did not, you will be going in totally blind.

In this scenario, you should make sure that you are comfortable and professional about your choice of clothing. Choose something that is not too tight, as this can make you feel self- conscious and uncomfortable. Stick to dark, plain colors and classic styles until you have an understanding of your co-workers’ apparel.

#2 Improve Your Vocabulary

It is not rare to feel a lack of confidence if there is a language barrier, pronunciation, articulation, or vocabulary issue amongst others. Most of these issues are carried forward from childhood, but can, with the help of a speech therapist, such as Physio Inq, be rectified. Consultations can take place in your own home, so you will have no inconvenience of traveling to or from a clinic.

If you have a stutter, for instance, you will find that it is more pronounced when you are stressed or nervous. These are just the feelings that you will experience when at your new place of work and can make answering or asking questions too much to bear.

#3 Know the Layout

It is highly unlikely that you will be provided with a map of the premises when you first enter the building, and yet, most businesses are so large that they can be daunting to a new employee. Once you have been directed to your new workstation, make sure that you are aware of the whereabouts of the nearest convenience to you, as well as any canteen or break room.

Most businesses will make sure that you understand the fire drill procedure and they may provide you with a rough map showing exits or meeting points. If you are struggling, draw yourself a map or write directions to instill more confidence when moving around.

#4 Understand What Is Required of You

You must understand what is required of you in your new job role. Adding a feeling of being out of your depth, as well as being in a strange place surrounded by new people is a recipe for disaster.

Hopefully, the business that you have now started to work for is compassionate toward their new workers and will provide you with a buddy to help get you settled, show you the ropes, and hold your hand for the first few days, but unfortunately, many businesses do not, and expect their new workers to hit the ground running.

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