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15 April, 2023

TOGL Yippi Launched Yippi Biz: From Social App to Rewards Program

Hello, Yippi Biz: From Social App to Rewards Program 

I have been using Yippi for some time now, and now I am excited that Yippi is launching the new Yippi Biz! If you do not already know, Yippi is a SuperApp developed by TOGL Technology Sdn Bhd that provides e-rewards for us to earn and redeem Yipps points.

Yipps can be used  for paying utility and mobile bills, point redemption, and also used in F&B, online shopping, travelling, entertainment, beauty and healthcare. How nice it is to maximise our reward points earning and cover our daily expenses using Yipps points! Everything can be done in just one app.

If you are a small / medium business owner, then the new Yippi Biz is for you! 

Yippi Biz is a good platform for local SMEs to boost sales through online advertising and loyalty rewards. Currently it is also expanding into new markets, including the SEA region in 2023 and China in 2024. So, by joining Yippi Biz as partners, you will be able to reach out to larger customer base. 

Yippi new rewards program includes an advanced CRM system that allows businesses to track customer data, engage with customers through targeted advertising, and improve customer retention through personalized offers and promotions. Not only that, the loyalty program rewards customers for their repeat business, helping build long-term customer relationships, and driving sales growth.  

One of the key features of the rewards program which attracts me is that it allows businesses to place targeted ads within the app, allowing them to reach new customers and increase brand awareness. These ads are highly customizable, so the businesses can tailor their message to the target audience for maximum impact. 

Speaking of rewards, who doesn't love reward points and instant redemption of points? Yipps Wanted is Yippi’s E-Rewards program, whereby you can earn instant reward points, Yipps Points whenever they spend on a Yippi Biz merchant partner. You can redeem your Yipps Points from a wide range of merchants such as RedBox, Park 28 Boutique Dining, Freestore, Bottomless, etc. 

Other than that, you can also spend on Yippi's partners' Topzmall E-commerce platform and Togago to book travel tickets/hotels, providing an added incentive for customers to choose local SMEs and helping businesses to build brand loyalty.

Do you know that Yippi has 6 million users and has become an integral part of many people's lives worldwide, especially for young people and those with spending power? With these group of people being the primary customer base for Yippi Biz, it is easy for merchants to reach new customers.

With Yippi Biz and Yippi Wanted, I believe that it will help local SMEs to improve customer engagement, drive sales growth, and ultimately build a stronger and more successful business. Let's thrive together in an increasingly competitive online marketplace!  

So, download Yippi App now and register yourselves to enjoy the benefits! 
For more information on how Yippi rewards program can help your business grow, 
feel free to visit Yippi Biz Social Media at:

Instagram: @yippswanted

To join Yippi Biz as a merchant, please contact:

Download Yippi app now and sign up for FREE!
Instagram: @yippiofficial

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