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30 June, 2023

Dear Diary | June 2023 Edition

Hello, mid year! 

June passed in a blink of an eye, and we have now crossed the mid-year mark of 2023. I am glad that I have been consistently posting my monthly diary here, to remind myself of the little things in my everyday life - and how beautiful it has been thus far. 

Blue Jasmine @ Holiday Inn Singapore, Little India

02.06.2023 | Happy Vesak Day! The first long weekend of June kick-started with a Thai food review at this contemporary chic restaurant where we tucked into some comfort food from the Southern Thai. It reminds me of my passion in creating food contents, and even after so many years I still enjoy doing what I have been doing :) Looking forward to more opportunities to come! 
i Light Singapore 2023 (1 - 25 June 2023)

06.06.2023 | Happening throughout the month of June was this annual i Light Singapore sustainable art light festival around the Marina Bay area. We took a brisk walk here after work to appreciate the beauty of innovative creations by various artists from around the world. My favourite was the "Tree Man", where a sapling was protected by both arms of a man. So cool and creative! 
Brunch @ Common Man Coffee Roasters

10.06.2023 | Happy weekend! This week's café was something I used to fancy back then in Malaysia, but the one in Singapore was just okay and in my humble opinion, the brunch fare did not manage to outshine other cafés that I visited thus far. 

I have been going for healthy food option lately, and the Warm Ancient Grains Bowl consisting of a beautiful medley of roasted portobello, pumpkin, poached egg, parmigiano-reggiano and seeds on a bed of barley and quinoa was just right for my recent diet. 

Weekend date night @ Kiten Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant 

10.06.2023 | The unexpected dinner date at Kiten brought me a memorable fine dining experience as I savoured the specially curated course of meal, while appreciating the preparation process at the chef's table.

Mine was a vibrant platter of assorted nigiri sushi, accompanied with appetisers, miso soup and chawan mushi, and concluded with creamy Hokkaido milk ice cream. No-frills, delicious and satisfying!

Marina Barrage

17.06.2023 | Been wanting to come here since a long time ago but haven’t had the chance to. I am glad that I finally made an impromptu visit here after 8 months of living in Singapore. The barrage is a great viewing point of the beautiful landscape covering Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the sea. I particularly enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the green roof – the perfect spot for picnics and kite-flying – especially during the golden sunset hours! 

National Day Parade's Fireworks Rehearsal

Coincidentally, there was an ongoing rehearsal for National Day Parade, so we managed to catch a glimpse of the unexpected firework display around The Float area. So brief yet so beautiful! 

Satur-date @ Symmetry, Jalan Kubor 

24.06.2023 | Vibes checked! Seated in the al fresco dining area amidst the lush greenery, I was on cloud nine when I tucked into my favourite brunch item - loads of cheese and eggs - while enjoying the laidback Aussie vibes in Symmetry café.

Their Dirty Eggs & Cheese is really the bomb despite being a vegetarian dish served with truffle eggs, guacamole, piquillo salsa, hashbrown and sourdough. While the Speculoos Latte is an iconic drink rimmed with biscoff crumbles, I prefer the Coconut Cold Brew - an intense pick-me-up made with coconut water (including the flesh!) and a double shot of espresso.  

 Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (四马路观音庙) @ Bugis

First time coming here for prayer! Things had been rather rocky lately,
hence seeking for a smoother journey in the upcoming months :/ 

Sunday food hunt 

25.06.2023 | We were feeling adventurous on a Sunday and went all the way for the famed Original Simon Road Hokkien Mee in Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market and Food Centre, run by the OG owner! The dry type of fried hokkien mee with prawns, sotong and pork here was good, but the showstopper was actually the tangy fresh chilli! An overall nice find :)  

Weekday dinner date @ Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

 | People say the unplanned moments are sometimes better than planned ones; thanks for brightening my day with impromptu date nights. Among the memorable ones was at this casual South American restaurant where we had the signature Chicken & Waffles beautifully presented in a golden cage.

We had a great time indulging in the deliciously crispy and tender fried chicken served with Cheddar Cheese Waffle and Spiced Watermelon cubes that cut through the grease. The side, Cauliflower Casserole baked with parmesan cheese was equally soul-comforting too. 

Thank you Pixi Beauty and The Face Shop for sending me lots of love! 

The month of June is nothing short of surprises and gifts from the sweet PRs whom I have been working with for years. Thank you for the support that allows me to continue doing what I enjoy doing in a more laidback way now :) 

...and not forgetting the little things that melt my heart. 

The month of June is also loaded with sweetness especially the little gifts from each travel. I particularly love the Coffee Flower buttery cookies from Jenny Bakery which always fills my room with the aroma of pure Arabica coffee, thanks for bringing it back for me every time from Hong Kong!

❤ ❤ 

Other than the bright side of things that I shared on my Instagram stories, June has also been filled with fast-morphing challenges and patience-testing moments. It gives me plenty of room for self-reflection on how best to balance multiple demands within my own means and the limited resources I have. 

Life has not been smooth sailing, but I believe that a lot of things in life happen for a reason. On the bright side, it is good to be able to close one chapter and move on to the next one. Someone once told me, "Don't be sad for what you may lose now, but be happy for what you may gain in multiple folds moving forward." So long that you believe in yourself, there is always light at the end of the tunnel :) 

❤ ❤ 

Can't wait for my summer travel in July and a new sub-chapter of life in August!

@ 30 June 2023

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