28 April, 2024

Dear Diary | April 2024 Edition

Hello, April! ❤ 

Hello April, hello new beginnings! ❤ Here we are, into the second quarter of the year, and it's never too late to start anew and embrace a new perspective.

April began with some healthy eats, due to the recent health concerns.
Thanks for adding colors to my life (literally)!

Wang Omakase @ Lavender Street

06.04.2024 | Satur-date at Wang Omakase. This is my…6th omakase in Singapore thus far. Yet it excites me each time when I get to taste the fresh flavour of the ocean being brought to the table. I did share an Instagram reel giveaway on this and I am glad that it is so well received. Thank you Wang Omakase for the invite! 

Great Nanyang @ 111 Somerset

13.04.2024 | Tea break at a Malaysia-inspired kopitiam. The peanut butter toast, "kopi peng" and Penang prawn mee here are pretty legit. Worth coming back again for other offerings.

All-Blue Cheddar Bagel & Tikken Bagel @ Two Men Bagel House, Novena

14.04.2024 | Sun-date. Thanks for bringing me to a bagel date, just because you know I love bagels. And I am glad that I found a new favourite here from the outlet-exclusive menu - it is a huge cheddar bagel loaded with chunks of tuna tataki, smashed avocado, baby spinach and hoisin vinaigrette. Amazing stuff!

Penguin visit at Penguin Cove, Mandai Wildlife Reserve 

20.04.2024 | Happiest weekend ever. ❤ Bucketlist in Singapore checked! I have always wanted to visit my favourite penguins since the opening of Bird Paradise in Mandai (post relocation from Jurong) in May 2023. 

Inside the Bird Paradise, one of Mandai's attractions, Penguin Cove is the home of over 30 cute little penguins comprising of king (second tallest penguin!), gentoo and northern rockhopper penguins. The largest one weighs as much as 18.8kg! 

Thank you for bringing me here so I get to experience seeing my favourite penguins in such a close-up and interactive way.

The penguin bao and penguin latte complete the experience!

The penguin visit is made complete with a detailed penguin keeper talk, penguin feeding session and not forgetting to mention tasting the most adorable penguin bao (steamed bun filled with red bean paste)

It is so cute to watch the little gentoo penguins marching back and forth on the iceberg. In case you're wondering, the Penguin Cove is one of the world’s largest sub-Antarctic, cold salt-water habitats for penguins. Happy to see that the penguins are very well taken care of here. 

Bird Paradise, Mandai Wildlife Reserve 

While the Penguin Cove is one of the many attractions in the Bird Paradise, we get to spend a couple of hours exploring the rest of the park and I am truly amazed by the symphony of colors at Asia’s largest bird park

Here we get to see some of the world’s most brilliantly colored birds, including the Caribbean flamingos, Papuan hornbills, scarlet ibises, etc, just to name a few. The landscape, treetop bridges and adventure trails are so well designed and create pretty sights everywhere. 

Thank you for the amazing experience!

Chinatown Food Centre | September Coffee

21.04.2024 | Sunday calls for food hunting in Chinatown and we stumble upon a very popular braised duck stall and Michelin-recommended Xiao Long Bao stall in the food centre. After the delicious finds, our chillax day continues at a nearby café. A simple yet satisfying Sunday :)

Candlelight: A Tribute to Queen @ CHIJMES Hall

22.04.2024 | Candlelight concert, by a string quartet - 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. ❤ It is a pure enjoyment of the emotive melodies, uplifting lyrics, mesmerising candlelit atmosphere. Held in such an awe-spiring location, the concert is incredibly amazing and memorable. Thank you for the memories x.

Hello, KL.

27.04.2024 | Homebound. Catching up on the hospital runs, café hopping and dental visit. Nothing much, really, just me and family and  best friend. 

❤ ❤  

Thank you April for the wonderful experiences. But it also serves as a reminder not be too comfortable with the current state of life that never truly belongs to me. 

And it is important to remind myself to be true to myself. Who you are shines through in every thought, in every choice and in every action. You are what you chose to be and do..... especially when you are alone. You build yourself each and every day and live with the results as they return to you.

You don’t need to remind yourself to please everyone's needs. It's time to choose and think and make conscious decisions according to what you think is right. It’s that simple.

So, learn who you truly are and live that person authentically.

❤ ❤ 

Signing off,

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