Wednesday, December 27, 2006

|:.Life Is.:|

~*^Life Is…^*~

Life is wonderful,
For having great experiences and memories,
With your beloved friends and family.

Life is beautiful,
When your world is full of fantasies,
It is your mystical sense of reality.

Life is a spiritual journey,
Of sprightly leaps of faith and hope,
Of graceful crests of warmth and love.

Life is joyful and passionate,
No words can express the exalted moment,
That wondrous feeling of fulfillment.

Life is precious like jewels,
A single second could bring a deep meaning,
You can even feel it without telling.

Life is fragile,
You shall handle it with care and love,
With the blessings from the Great One Above.

Life is always perfect,
If you have a simple but positive thinking,
All the way to be a better human being.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Unusual Night

~The Unusual Night~
The feeling of regret and sadness set upon her face,
Not a single thing of story that could brighten up her phrase,
She couldn’t concentrate on what is going on,
Until a sudden rain and thunder that made her strong,
Inside her very mindless head she was crying for help,
She stood under the rain, nobody knew how she felt,
Darkness and despair filled her unhealed heart,
Not a single space left, not even a tiny part,
With her whole body wet, she was freezing,
And the cold she caught had caused her sneezing,
But she couldn’t help to stop crying and sobbing,
Because of the emotional pain she was having,
Screaming and shouting, she knew she was insane,
No longer could handle the stress, she started to faint,
Awoke by the guardian angel in the air,
At last she knew that life isn’t that unfair,
At least she still had her very own guardian angel,
To watch over and protect her from danger.


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