25 February, 2007


It is a nice celebration of Chinese New Year...
On the first day of CNY, my family and I went to god-uncle's house [as usual, it is a tradition since ages ago]..at there, one word to describe all- boring. However, it is nice to meet someone I seldom meet and catch up with their life.

On the second day, we went back to kampung in Bentong, Pahang and meet up with all my father side relatives. At there, I saw so many cousins who I had not meet for a year. Yah, like me, everyone had grown up XD. Everyone was busy chatting around and catching up with each other. Since I was the smallest one there, I could not have lots fo chance to chat with others lor, plus I don't really know them = = And of course we went to the restaurant and ate together. My sis and I also snapped lots of pictures there [kampung scenery is much nicer than the city one]

On the third day, me, sis, mum and aunt went to Mid Valley. The decorations there are quite nice and we snapped lots of photos too. We had our lunch at Sushi King, and I ordered all my favourites. Soon, we watched the movie 'The Lady Iron Chef', starring Charmaine Sheh, Hacken Lee and some other famous Hong Kong artist. It was quite funny- my sis and I laughed lots- but don't know why my mum and aunt don't seem to like that movie... Unfortunately, my aunt lost her specs in the cinema- don't know why she was so careless.

On the fourth day, we went to the immigration centre to renew our passports. It was so crowded and full of 'thieves-like people'. We queued for an hour to get the number but the officer askes us to photostat our My-Card first and re-queue. I was like, 'OmG, wth, is this their system of working?'. Then when we took the passport photo, the man who in charge to snap our picture was damn ham sap = = When adjusting the position of our seats, he purposely touched people's waist and butt [especially young girls, like me and my sis =X]
So my advice is, 'Dont ever go to the immigration centre of Shah Alam, Kompleks PKNS'

On the fifth day, I went to Vivian's house then Ken Meng's, then Merv's and Soon's. I had collected lots of ang pow and had great fun there. Also, I took this opportunity to snap picts with my besties and friends. And of course I get to meet 'him' lor and snapped two-person photo with him, though it was not that nice.

On the sixth day, I went to Carmen's house and Hsiang's. I also met Carmen's lil' bro and played with him. He was quite cute but a bit naughty. Her pretty mum oredered us some pizza and chicken wings [satisfied lunch]. I had totally forgotten the worries I had at home coz' on that day my parents were quarrelling like hell. Then at Hsiang's there, again I met 'him'. But what I could see is that he was more interested towards my friends [maybe coz' her beauty on that day =X]

On the seventh day, I went for tuition T_T pitiful coz' had to go for tuition even on CNY. Nothing special happened there, and at last on the eighth day [today] it was a miracle that I could online and blog here coz' last few days my monitor was not functioning, but don't know why when I turn it on today, it works... What a relaxing day to do blogging here...

Tomorrow will be a schooling day again...no more CNY mood...

-The End-
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