14 January, 2007



This is a true issue about snatch thefts…

Yesterday, it was a Saturday. I was going home from Plaza Rakyat LRT station. So while waiting the train, I took out my handphone to text my dad to ask him to fetch me at Sri Petaling LRT station later. I think someone is observing me for quite a long while. Then when the train reached, there were many people. And we just rushed into the train. I was standing near the door. Then there was a middle-age Malay man wearing orange-yellow t-shirt walked past me, and took my phone. I wanted to chase him but too bad right after he left the train, the door closed quickly. I guessed this is what they call ‘professional’ =.=”

I think this kind of news happened everyday everywhere. I hope everyone reading this will be more careful whenever you are at LRT station or any public place. Don’t think that it is safe when there are many people around, sometimes it might be dangerous too. >.< just don’t wish that you guys will be like me. ‘Becareful’ is always the word.
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