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19 April, 2007

Aww...the diagnostic exam had just ended and unpredictably the result is counted as the mid-year exam result which the parents have had to come to school to collect the report card and see this result - - OmG and my result this time isn't good liaoz (although it is still slightly betetr than others somehow).. >.<" After this exam, it's time to finish up the projects that I dumped aside for quite some time as if they were given to us ages ago - - Exams and projects fill every second of my life. Life is getting more boring and annoying, maybe because it is without his existence? LoLz -_-" Unbelievably too, I can't have that much fun without him. I can't imagine it myself, coz' I always think that I can live without anyone. Maybe I was really used to have him by my side to accompany me most of the time. [Well, no point of praising him so much =X, or else he might get too proud of himself] LoLz >.<"

Besides exams and projects, there is also librarian job which I started to hate it from now on. Guess why? The day I duty really sucks, for God's sake. I wish my duty day will be as fun as others which the Ketua Harian no need to get furious of their 'anak buah'. I wonder why people who duty on my day are so lazy to do work, maybe it's most of them are already Form5 and they need to take a rest? Every week, the same person will be doing the same old job without any change. And the same person is always me.

I also don't wish to bother that much, hence I kept quiet most of the time, pretending that they totally don't exist. But when it comes to write report of the day, should I be honest or write nice good thing about them everytime? Yes, it might be not fair to both parties but do I really need to be that responsible when working with such people? I don't think I need to. Never. >.<"

I hate staying back just to work unhappily with people I dislike. If I have the right to choose, I prefer crazy yet hardworking people to work with me. We could finsih up the work and yet could enjoy ourselves. I love Wednesdays, but not Tuesdays. Never. >.<"

I wish the teacher could change the timetable, I wish to shift to Wednesdays, I wish to stop being a librarian. I wish to have all my wishes granted.

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