Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home oR woRk?

Aikz..PMR had finally over, and many of my friends are planning to get a work instead of staying at home. And I have thought of this brilliant idea too, I'd wish to work too..coz lately I think I have spent a lot for shopping and hanging out with friends. I really don't know how could I stand till next year if this continues.. >.< I think I really need a job --- earn some money for myself to spend. But too bad, they will never allow me to work at this age..aiks, I hate staying at home. I hate waking up early, doing nothing but to be scolded. I hate being scolded for small small thing or even nothing. I hate listening to all those murmurings all day. I hate all these. I need life, I need him.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

=.=" 很无聊

This 28-July case had actually passed long ago. But he still wanna mention it, and he is trying to create lots of rumours about it. He said that he wanna do something 'bad' to me on my birthday, isn't this an irresponsible action of one? He is trying to make us scared and he does so many things just to get our attention. And I have once advised him, "If you could stop all these, then we could still be friends". Damn'it, and his friend spreads rumour that I wanna be his friend so much. Is his friend actually helping us or trying to make things worse? I don't care everything between them, but please stop making such nonsense anymore. I don't wish to hear anything about this, I am sick of it, and I hate it..yea very much. Sometimes I just think that they both have some kinds of problems, yea mentally.. They have lack of friends, yea I understand, and try to get people's attention. But no, that's not a good way of making friends, and they both will just only make people hate them even more. I understand that they are sensitive people, so I dare not to give comments on whatever they do. But I do hope that they could do something more meaningful, and not such stupid thing. My birthday? It's supposed to be a happy day right?and he is trying to make stuff on that day? Well, anyway they won't see me on that day, never anymore...


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