11 December, 2011

My First Modelling Job Contract

Location of the photoshoot:
Kitschen @ SouthGate KL
Kuala Lumpur's Commercial Hotspot ∙ WORK∙ FOOD ∙ LIFESTYLE ∙
No. 2, Jalan Dua, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

   You must be wondering if I'm the model of Kitschen apparel store :) 
Let's see more pictures of the model of the day! 

Yours truly. 

This is me, just arrived at Kitschen store, without any make-ups or nice outfits yet. So yeah I was kinda pale and plain-looking, but no worries, Kitschen is going to transform me very soon!

Let's start off with the HAIR!

She is a make-up professional from Marry.Merry (a bridal store, for your information), and apart from doing make-ups, she is good at styling hair! Look at my wavy hair, compared to the original straight one! 

Next, let's choose suitable clothes and accessories from Kitschen for the photoshoot! :D
Tadaa! Here's the first set of outfit --- Theme: Sporty and Trendy!
All the clothes are from Kitschen, accessories from Nichii, and shoes is yours truly's own.

Thanks Seventeen crew for joining the photo-shooting session, and the Kitschen crew there are very helpful. Once my hair gets a little messy, the staff there quickly rushes to me and fixes it for me. And this is my very first time of being treated as if I'm a professional model! Nice experience :)

I love my outfit! --- Without the jacket. 

The second outfit: It's Party Time :D

For this layered-cake dress, it is available in various colours--- Yellow, blue, brown, black and most interesting out of all, PINK, my favourite colour! Sadly, green is the only colour available in the size of XS, which can fit me perfectly well. I have no choice but to match with a piece of brown cardigan. 

Glamorous look, eh? :)

During the photo-shooting, the crew are kind enough to provide us a Subway sandwich for lunch. 
Now I realise being a model and doing the modelling poses can consume tonnes of energy!


My third set of outfit: Fun Time!

I personally feel that this combination is very chio, and suitable for shopping time with the girls! 
Love the high waist jeans skirt and the booties. 

The fourth set of outfit: Casual Wear
The hairdresser and fashion consultant both emphasizes on my hair for this round. 
My straight hair is curled and volumized to the max here!

FiSh; Venice; Kimberley
Venice is only 16 while Kimberley ages 17 this year; 
I feel so old in this picture! 

Here are the crews, Kitschen staff and Seventeen magazine representatives, busy analyzing the pictures taken as the photographer transferred all the photographs taken using his Nikon DSLR directly to his MacBook.

Not to forget, thank you, Kitschen for the RM 500 worth cash vouchers! 

It's a great experience of meeting the professionals who are able to bring a whole new look for me through this makeover! The girls and I will be featured in Seventeen Magazine of coming January 2012 issue! So... if you happen to be a reader of Seventeen, do grab a copy and notice me inside the mag!

If you have any modelling job,
please do not hesitate to contact me at ohfishie@gmail.com.

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