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10 January, 2008

10 jan 08

Now I had experienced Form4 life for a week and I’m totally exhausted =.=” I really don’t know why the students of my class are so scary that they are holding the books with them and doing exercises throughout the day. How can one survives with such a lifestyle? Maybe others can, but not me T_T. And 4G, yea it’s a ‘G’ class again, I kinda dislike it [I have no idea why some people are so excited over it] because I feel kinda bored with the people liao, they are just the same faces in 3G except for a few people. And unbelievably there is only 5 guys here, and they are all boring guys = = no offence =X. Never mind, forget bout the word ‘guy’ since it is not everything. I don’t want to think bout the past, moving in present is always the best. And I don’t wish to get the awful experiences anymore, there’s still a long journey to go in future. Gosh, what the heck I am typing here, alright now back to the main topic lolz.

Besides school, I also attended tuition classes. Haha, people must be saying that I am mad for going to tuition classes for 10 subjects xD. No marh, since it is free so mai attend lorh. Kakaz, but still I gotta go there for many days in a week. It’s really tiring, but somehow it is good for keeping myself busy everyday to stop myself from thinking bout unhappy and unnecessary stuffs. Sigh, why can’t I just let it go leh? I still want to care bout this, to think bout it over and over again, to keep everything in my heart. I dare not to accept any of the truths again. Anyway I will get used to the tiredness soon, since Form4 life is a sudden change to me.

I miss you, I really do.
It had been too long that we barely have a chat. There are a lot of people around me who can actually replace you anytime. But none of them is able to replace your place in my heart. If there’s really misunderstandings between us, can’t we just solve it? Can’t we just confront each other to explain everything? Maybe you might be thinking the opposite thing of mine, and the fact is that I don’t wish to guess anymore, so face it.

Being a 16-year-old girl, I don’t wish to be a cry baby anymore =.=” nor I am going to let my tears flow out because of this. I feel like I am entering a new small stage of life--- facing 11 SPM subjects, and 10 tuition subjects. Lolz, can I really go through such a hectic life these two years? I don’t know, but I wish I can.

I promised myself that I could live better than in 2007,
And I must believe in it and make sure that my promise is fulfilled.

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